Merging PDF files involves joining two or even more Pdf documents into one file. It is also identified as PDF Combiner is another term for this function. The combination of two or more materials would become a different PDF document, and you will be allowed to view more than one Pdf file with one report.

Users can also handle the page’s orders of your PDF file, based on your demands, using PDF Bear’s merge PDF app. The distinction between this and the PDF combine tool is that the two or more PDF documents merge or blend into one, while the PDF compress tool decreases the file size of the PDF file.

When you complete combining the PDF papers, you may still use the compress feature if you want the file size to be smaller. You will be given these resources free of charge by PDF Bear, although you may still benefit from utilizing the premium PDF Bear PRO subscription.

How to Use PDF Bear’s Merge or Combine Tool

To combine pdf files, go to PDF Bear’s website and choose the Merge PDF. When you turn to the next tab, a blue area merging feature will display on your computer along with directions below. The first step to use a PDFBear merge is to pick two or more PDF files to combine.

PDF Bear would always allow you to make some adjustments to the latest file before fusing your PDF documents. When there is nothing else you would like to alter, you may press Combine or Merge, and the PDF combiner or merge feature will proceed to mix all the documents you have selected.

If the merge procedure finishes the transformation, the current combined document can be saved to the device or mobile device. The mixed material may also be distributed or forwarded to the clouds, like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Advantages of Merging With PDF Bear

Using PDF Bear’s merging tool, you will quickly complete the combining without waiting for a prolonged period. There is no reason to think about uploading PDF documents in their merging system as the security matters to them as their customer.

One feature is that it is an internet-based PDF merger service that any computer or device can conveniently use. Users will be allowed to utilize their resources whenever and everywhere via phones, smart devices, and more. Their PDF merging function is not only available for Windows and Mac but also for Linux operating systems.

Free Version vs. PRO Version

Although the combination or merging of PDF Bear’s resources and other resources is accessible, access to additional services is capped. You would be able to perform more than one activity or as many as you like if you apply to the PRO program. You’ll only be allowed to use restricted tasks and services with the free account.

The subscription in PDF PRO is accessible on either a monthly or annual program. If a person wishes to register, PDF Bear will grant all-new PRO users a free trial to withdraw or revoke their membership if they feel disappointed. Upon the discontinuance, the cash will be refunded back to you during the free trial duration.

You’ll be allowed to access over 10 MB or up to the allowable file size for the PRO card. You’ll be able to change the name of the new PDF document or other documents after each transaction or use their resources before exporting them to the device or computer.


All activities are completed efficiently with only a few taps thanks to the online PDF software and resources. Back then, something like moving records into another format was difficult to achieve. Many in this age are fortunate enough to enjoy trouble-free processes.