PDFBear is an online compressing tool that reduces or minimizes the size of your desired PDF document. The compressing progress does not change the quality or resolution of the portable document format. PDFBear offers its tools free of charge and is easily accessible to all users who wish to compress their files and documents. This website does a speedy job.

 Here’s a great thing about PDFBear compressing abilities. PDFBear allows you to upload or compress files up to one Gigabyte. PDFBear’s tools will compress it down to lessen your file’s size up to 70% of its composition without changing your document’s quality and contents. Here are easy to follow steps if you want to compress your PDFs.

Select A PDF File 

Are you in need of tools that can compress pdf quickly and do not diminishes the quality of your PDF file? Then PDFBear is the website that you can use when you need excellent compressing features. PDFBear will gladly assist you with all the things you need to do with your PDF document. Compressing files for PDF is made simple when you use this tool.

 The first thing you need to do is to select your PDF file from your document folders or devices that you are using. PDFBear also permits you to do the uploading file process by using their drag feature when you can quickly drop files in the box provided. When you are already done choosing the desired file, you will now proceed to the next step, which is to compress.

Compress The PDF File

With the use of their advanced feature, the PDF Resizer, you will be able to do compress actions to your PDF file faster than you expected it to be finished. You don’t have to worry about all the uploaded files in their server because they will permanently delete all of them without leaving traces of your important document, which makes them very reliable.

Their compressing services are available to all platforms, computer software, and devices. PDFBear has got it all covered when it comes to the accessibility on Mac, Linux, and Window systems. You can also access this compressing tool given by PDFBear through your smartphones or tablets.

After you have chosen a file and is already uploaded to the server, compressing the will begins. You need to click on the button or icon that says “compress,” and you will be able to compress your pdf file in a short period successfully. Upon the progress, PDFBear will not do additional modifications that are not included in your choice.

Save Or Download Compressed PDF 

After the compressing tool completed processing your pdf file, you will be shown to a refreshed page wherein you will see the compressed pdf is ready for use or download. The last and final thing you need to do is to tap on the “download” button to save it to your designated devices.

PDFBear is created in a system wherein you can enter to their cloud website anywhere. Whether you are compressing your pdf files for work, school, meetings, businesses, and other personal things, PDFBear can serve you anytime. 


PDFBear has performed all of the compressing operations placidly and efficiently for all users. Compressing of the portable document format files will be easier than you think. PDFBear is honestly reliable and undoubtedly safe to use. The PDFBear program promises that the compressing progress will not decrease the pdf file’s quality.

You might not know that PDFBear allows you to compress several files as you wish. Other than compressing files, you can convert them into a lot of different formats and also modify contents to your pdf file. PDFBear gives the best services to people when it comes to pdfs.