Naples, Florida

If you want to travel to Naples you do want to know all options that are available. There are countless interesting adventures and activities that can be enjoyed by tourists of various tastes. This includes nature exploration, kayaking, boating, fishing, kite-boarding, paddle-boarding, walking, hiking and a lot more. Since accommodations are always perfect, as you can see from Capital Resorts Group reviews, why not see what you do when you are out of the room?

Walking And Hiking

These basic activities are quite common in and close to Naples, Florida. You want to be patient though since you might miss out on many different sights that you do want to see. Get ready for a lot of walking, much more than you expect. Be ready for exercising.

If walking is not something that you want to consider, bicycles can be rented. You can enjoy so many different parks, beaches and even shopping centers that can be explored. Even if you will most likely rent a car, spending a day on a bike should be considered.

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

If you really love nature, this is a place that you definitely want to visit. However, this does not mean you cannot consider one of the numerous other beach attractions that are available. Be sure that you are aware of some really interesting places:

  • Tin City – This should be considered as something you want to see. This older shopping center is located in Naples Bay, allowing you to watch all the boats as they pass by. The building itself has an “old” Florida appearance that most people say they really appreciate.
  • Sugden Park – When you go during the week you can expect so much action with activities like sailing, wake boarding and water skiing. There are also numerous boats, with instructors and numerous learning options. Your skill set will be put to the test or you will get to see if you like it or not.
  • Clam Pass – This is an incredible beach that you most likely do not even consider since it is not much advertised. The nature boardwalk will take you through incredible mangroves and you can launch your kayak as you paddle.

Naples Beaches

Every single person that spends time at Naples beaches notices kite-boarders. If you love adventure, this is something that you most likely want to try. When you are ready for the experience, look for one of the instructors. There are many in town so it will not be difficult to locate one. You can learn the sport in an area that is simply great for kite-boarding. If this is not your thrill, just go for kayaking or paddle-boarding.

Naples, Florida, is an unexpected paradise for adventure travel enthusiasts. Be sure that you see what is offered close to where you will stay. There will surely be some activities that can be enjoyed. If you feel you do not have the time for that, simply plan ahead. The internet can help you to find exactly what you are looking for if you are patient enough.