Amazon FBA has been something which has caught my eye for some time now and I have always wanted to try and get involved and make some cash on the side. I was looking at the Nine University course and considering whether or not it would be worth my while, as the truth is that I didn’t know much about how people make money through Amazon, in terms the specifics. As I was researching I checked out the Nine University reviews and they were very detailed and gave me a lot of information about the course and the way in which many of them have gone on to make money. 

My curiosity was about what causes the gap between those who crush it and those who don’t, and the reviews were informative enough to clear that up for me. 


There is no limits on Amazon as to what you can sell, and the decision is really up to the seller. With this being said however it is very clear that those who do well in this industry are those who recognize customer trends, switch their products and capitalize on the popularity of a particular product. Now sometimes these trends will be obvious but not always, take for example the CoVid lockdown, all of a sudden people are investing in board games and jigsaws and there will be some sellers who saw this coming and stocked up, that is a big difference between Amazon’s winners and losers. 


Another key difference is the way in which products are marketed, and this is a very fine art. The reason I know this is because so many people on the reviews wrote about how they wouldn’t have had the first idea how to best market their products had it not been for the support and the teachings which they received on their course. In the main there will be multiple sellers of the same product on Amazon, and the key as to which the customer will buy will come down to marketing, among other details. This means that you have to know how to take the right photo, add the right description and essentially how to show a customer that your product is the best. 


One of the key focuses of this course appears to be helping students to not only pick the right products to sell, but ow to source the very best quality products too. Amazon is very much a reviews based system and any products which have terrible reviews are going to find it very difficult to get sold. This is why getting your hands on the right products is absolutely essential in terms fo making good returns. Finding the right manufacturer, getting the right price and ensuring a steady flow of high quality products is essential for any business which is trying to make money through Amazon FBA.