If you find yourself in the need to move interstate, it can cause you all sorts of stress and with good reason. Moving is a complicated, time consuming and too often risky undertaking. The complications come from the many different things of many different shapes, sizes and value safely from one place to another. And to do it within a budget that you can afford. No matter how you choose to move, whether you hire an expensive full service moving company that packs things for you, moves them interstate, and then unpacks in your new home, you will still need to put in considerable time setting up for the move and then overseeing it. If you choose a company that puts a shipping container in front of your home, allows you to fill it and seal it and then they move it to your new home interstate, you will have to do the physical packing and unpacking. Although the reality is that this type of service will save you so much money, you will have to pinch yourself. However you will have to spend a lot of time on your move if you make this choice.

But if you are faced with a move, you need to focus on the things you need to get done to make your move work. Here are some of the best tips for you.

Don’t Take Any Chances on Quality

Since moving companies are not all the same, you need to make sure the one you choose is exceptional. Do your research by asking people you know who may have used them and also checking online to see any customer reviews.  Use the power of the internet and social media to get a wide range of feedback about the company. Perhaps you will discover some things that are not obvious about them. Or maybe they are a lot better than you thought. Maybe they are fantastic at the physical move but terrible at packing so you now know how to use them if at all. Do enough research so you are sure you have a good understanding of the company.

Consider a Self-Packing Moving Company

One of the questions you must be asking yourself about your move is: How much does it cost to move interstate? If cost among other issues is a great concern you should consider a type of moving company you may not have considered. Most people never consider hiring a moving company that provides an empty shipping container at your current home that you then fill on your own with your belongings. It is sealed and transported interstate to your new home and left there. You get to your new home, unseal it and pack your belongings in your new home. This shipping method is inexpensive, safe and easy. And, the benefits make it a choice to strongly consider.

  • You can pack your own belongings and know that everything you put in there is in there and where it is in the shipping container.
  • Since it is sealed at you current home, there is no concern for you losing, or having any of your belongings stolen.
  • You can pack your things with the level of care you want making sure that anything delicate or irreplaceable gets packed correctly.
  • You can take the amount of time you need to pack things the way you want. And you can have the shipping container times to meet you when you want.
  • The cost
  • The cost is often only 50% of what a traditional moving company will charge to move you.

Collectively these benefits make choosing this type of moving company a compelling choice.