When we think of Spa days, most of us think of luxury and indulgence, which sounds appealing to both kids and grownups. The main stumbling block for parents is the price tag if you take your kids to a spa. Fortunately, you can avoid the cost and still have the fun with a little planning. Here are a few tips on how to plan a DIY spa day for your kids.

Facials and Skin Care

You could set up a “facial bar” where the kids can pick what they want to put on their face or try an assortment. Avocado, oats, yogurt and olive oil are a few things you could use. Just be careful of food allergies, since a kid that can’t eat gluten may react if you put oats on their face, especially if processed along with wheat products. A plus factor of making DIY facials is that you can ask younger children to smash cooked carrots and avocado while making the facial mixes, and they’ll typically sit still while older children do their hair and nails, which makes the experience more inclusive.

Level Up Your Dress Up

Kids love to dress up. Instead of buying new dress-up clothes or letting them wear your outfits, you can “dress up” their existing wardrobe by letting them make jewelry. Custom jewelry for kids could be made from fun kits, such as the ones offered by Maya Toys. Kids can spend hours making jewelry for themselves and their friends.


A spa day is an excellent time to talk about proper nutrition. While you can and should give the kids an assortment of healthy finger foods like carrot sticks and cucumber slices, you can make it fun by letting them make smoothies.

One of the benefits of making smoothies is that you can let the kids pick a variety of fruits and vegetables to throw in. You can make it taste like ice cream by adding milk to it. If someone is lactose intolerant, use almond milk, soy milk or coconut milk instead of cow milk. Parents can save themselves a lot of prep time by buying frozen fruit assortments you can just toss in the blender in the right amounts. A side benefit of this approach is that any frozen fruit you don’t need for the spa day stays in the freezer until you’re ready to use it in another recipe.


A DIY spa day isn’t complete without a little hair care. Let them have a field day braiding and otherwise arranging hair. Parents should supervise the application of glitter and colored chalk to hair for young children, while teens can do it themselves. This is also a good time to talk about proper hair care such as how often you shampoo it or how to avoid split ends.

A DIY spa day is a great way to celebrate a birthday or have fun over the weekend. They are something everyone can be involved in without spending a lot of money. Plan it right and they’ll come away richer for the experience.