The live chat solution is an old one and it’s probably not the first place you’d look for revolutionary technology that could save an industry on the brink. Not only is the industry facing peak auto sales that everyone expects to decline, the online competition is coming to disrupt the stranglehold dealerships have long held over car sales. The dealership model is broken and every e-commerce platform has their eyes on a retail industry worth over $90 billion in the United States alone.

If you’ve written off dealer chat as a tech solution for the car dealership industry, you’re going to be surprised by the features available in today’s dealer chat solutions. Companies like Gubagoo have developed smart, CRM-integrated dealer chat solutions and continue to push the boundaries of what live chat means. They’re changing the way car dealerships generate qualified leads and pioneering digital car sales by the dealership. In order to stay alive over the next decade, car dealerships must learn how to make digital sales.

For car dealerships to survive in the future, they need the most advanced chat in the automotive industry and the technology behind it.

Dealer Chat Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral analytics are the answer to your data woes. Dealer chat on your website should make the most of the rich analytics available today and turn anonymous traffic into prospects. Behavioral analytics track the flow of IP addresses and deliver that information to dealer chat operators and into your CRM. Dealer chat operators can look at the pages on your website a lead has visited and use that information in their conversation to convert. Dealerships wish they could read their customers’ minds; now they can easily find out which cars customers really want.

Dealer Chat Integrated with Social Media Commerce Platforms

When Facebook Marketplace launched, it was instantly a major player in e-commerce. With $5 billion in potential revenue and 550 million users visiting “buy and sell” groups, everyone wants to sell on Facebook Marketplace. One unique advantage dealerships can take advantage of is that Facebook Messenger is now integrated with Gubagoo’s dealer chat software. Not only does the company upload your inventory to Marketplace, when a customer wants to talk about inventory, they can use Facebook Messenger. A dealer chat operator fields their questions and it’s all delivered to the dealership via the RESQ app.

New Dealer Chat Apps Connect Sales Teams

Speaking of apps, they make a world of difference in the dealer chat world. Dealer chat today must come with a mobile and desktop app that allows dealership sales teams to get in on the conversation. Chat operators can recommend inventory using video and product images, they can look up parts, and acquire information like a lead’s budget and timeline, but they can’t negotiate features and price. That remains the responsibility of the dealership sales team – but with the right mobile app, dealership sales personnel are free to jump right in.

Technology is changing dealer chat and giving dealers a competitive advantage. Live chat is far from dead, but only game-changing features like these will keep it relevant in the future.