Homeowners are often looking for a way to make their property as individual and stylish as possible, which is why,across Canada, the trend for rustic furniture made from reclaimed wood is growing in popularity. The newest trend in furniture is to take reclaimed wood – wood that’s been taken from another purpose, like a barn or an old factory – and create one of a kind pieces designed and decorated for people’s homes. And not only does reclaimed wood furniture give a feeling of individuality to a space,it’s also environmentally friendly and historically rich.

A staple of modern design, reclaimed wood needs to be made by the right kind of furniture craftsman in order to bear its full effect. When shopping for anything as unique as reclaimed wood, whether it’s one of a kind tables or coffee tables, dressers, etc., craftsmanship is of paramount importance, so look for companies here in Canada with ample experience. Reclaimed wood can be fickle, and in the hands of an inexperienced craftsman, a lot can go wrong, like the cut or finish of the wood.

What you want are pieces created by artisan craftspeople,as they’ll take the time to develop a deep relationship with you, their client, to ensure the piece being created is developed to meet your exact needs and specifications. Many pieces developed using reclaimed woods are produced from antique hardwoods,which have a stronger feel and more of an individual look than the mass-produced pieces of lumber used to create modern furniture, but in order for them to look good, you need to be able to trust the craftsperson.

The reason furniture created from reclaimed woods are popular across North America, and particularly here in Canada,is because the historic aspect of the reclaimed materialslends some character to our homes. After all, unlike in Europe, our homes tend to be newer and – for lack of a better word – lacking in character and bespoke charm.That changes when you introducereclaimed woodpieces into your home, which are created when aging warehouses, barns, and other commercial buildings are renovated or demolished, and the materials are recycled and reused to give them a stunning new life. All of a sudden, you’ll find that you’ve got a more rustic space, an earthier, more texturally rich design. Make a reclaimed wood dining table the centre of a room and marvel at how much warmth it adds – it really is astonishing.

And, as mentioned, reclaimed wood furniture is good for the environment, as it spares new trees from being cut down for wood. Repurposing wood is a great way to limit your environmental footprint – and perhaps one of the few ways to do so while adding sophistication and style to your home. There’s a lot of beauty here in Canada worth preserving, both in the forests and in the old industrial barns and warehouses, so it only makes sense to use the latter for furniture, and go out and enjoy the beauty of the former.

And that about sums it up: if you want a quick and easy way to add a lot of character to your home, try introducing some reclaimed wood pieces, made by high quality craftspeople.