From Black Friday deals to Christmas deals, there is a lot of saving to be done this holiday and in this article, you’ll learn how to get even more out of your shopping. The best part is these tips can be applied any time of the year.

Special programs

Before you head out to do any serious shopping, it helps to do a bit of research (as you are doing now). Find out if the stores you’ll be stopping at are running any special programs that can help you get better value for your money. For example, H&M runs a program where they give shoppers coupons for handing in unwanted textiles, which may be pillow cases, clothes, or anything else you don’t use much. They break down the fibres and refashion them into pieces for their Conscious collection, meaning you’ll be saving the planet as you save your money!

Pay attention to tag codes

Unknown to many shoppers, the price tags of items often hold the key to getting fantastic bargains. As a store gets ready to put items up for sale, they may leave markings on price tags with a pen or pencil. Whether they are letters, numbers, or dots, it would be a good idea to wait a bit. Chances are the marked items are going to be reduced soon.

A number of stores including Next, River Island, and Monsoon are known to use this system. Where you find a combination of letters and numbers, the numbers will indicate the price the item will be reduced to. There is no saying when the sale will actually start, but you can expect it to start within a week of when the marks start surfacing.


Despite many changes to high street stores, many will give you as much as 10% off if you ask for a discount. Many stores even include it in their official policies. Don’t feel discouraged if the first store you try declines your offer for a discount. Chances are the next one will.

Use the right filters when shopping online

Depending on the store, you can find some good deals by using the right filters. For example, when you shop on the H&M store, you can set your search filter to “Trend.” Do that, and you can find loads of on-trend items that may not be featured in store on sale. Also, you might want to watch the online stores of your favourite retailers because new items typically don’t make it to the physical stores until after two or three weeks.

Abandon your shopping basket when shopping online

Some online stores will offer you a discount to lure you back to make a purchase if they see that you have abandoned some items in your shopping cart. So, you might want to try this tactic.

There are fantastic opportunities to make the most of your holiday shopping this season if you know where to look, so keep looking!