When considering an EDI Solution you may be considering whether to keep your current EDI system because it is embedded into your company and is accepted by your businesses partners, or whether to change to another web based EDI system or a perhaps an Internet Based EDI provider. First of all what is an EDI Web Based Solution?

What to Know About an EDI Web Based Solution

First of all an EDI system is a piece of software that exchanges data between the departments of a business and other businesses using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). They are encrypted so other parties cannot access the data and data is managed for the requirements of the businesses involved in the exchange of data. Some EDI systems are accessed remotely from a hosting provider through a browser-based dash board, and some are deployed and managed in-house on dedicated servers. EDI systems are a fast, reliable, secure and often economical way of exchanging data with trading partners, and between business locations.

Web based EDI systems are those that are accessed via web browser utilizing software as a Service (SaaS) whereby the company pays the software provider a subscription fee to use the software which is constantly improved and updated remotely. The data is stored either on the cloud or hosted by the software provider.

Internet based EDI on the other hand often cuts out the software provider and uses existing communication protocols established on the Internet for exchange of data, such as SMTP, HTTPS and Secure FTP to exchange data securely between businesses involved in the transaction. Of course there is software at both ends of the transaction to encrypt, send and decrypt the software but this is much cheaper than the web browser based SaaS software.

Advantages of Web Based EDI

That having been said Web Based EDI systems have many advantages worth considering. First of all they have an affordable entry point because there is no upfront purchase of software, the cost of the software is distilled across monthly payments to the software provider. There is no label software requirement, and chargebacks can be dramatically reduced. Data is visible real time from all locations, including mobile devices, and display of data can usually be tailored for each user or device. In addition to this data can usually be easily extracted to be reported upon.

So Web Based EDI is often the cheapest and easiest way to access EDI and start trading with your businesses partners. Large retailers and wholesalers probably already have access to these systems so that makes it easier for a smaller supply to employ the web based EDI quickly and connect to their partners to transact. Many will also integrate with ERP systems and other software already used in the business.

So if you’re considering adopting an EDI for the first time or want a solution that will connect you easily with your partners, then a web based EDI can be a very good solution.