There are some advantages to online shopping, sometimes items are cheaper, you don’t have to leave the house to buy items, and you can arrange delivery for when convenient. However there are certain products and services where you need to try out items, compare them, talk to an expert, and in that case the retail experience is a lot more beneficial. That’s why people ask where can I try on glasses near me?

Why Should I Try on Glasses Near Me?

Glasses are one of those things you have to try on. You might like the look of a pair of glasses, see them on a model and think they’re great. But then when you wear them you realise your face shape or colouring just don’t suit them. We’ve all probably spent at least an hour trying on frames to find the right ones.

It’s also good to try on glasses and buy them at an Opticians because not only can you be advised on the style and shape of the frames, but also about the different lens types such as progressive, polarized, bifocal, varifocal, sunglasses and safety glasses, as well as the various coatings and tints available.

An optician will also be able to adjust the glasses to fit you as well as possible but changing the arm length, and point and degree of bend, as well as the nose pads if the glasses have them. These small adjustments expertly done can make all the difference between a pair of glasses sitting perfectly on your nose and staying there, or continually sliding off to your annoyance.

A further issue with glasses ordered online is that they’re often produced by a lab without consulting an Optician, so the lenses won’t always be thinned enough, or varied enough on varifocals, which can result in either lenses which are too thick for normal usage or cause vision problems on varifocals when shifting from short sight to long sight.

Combine Your Optician Visit with an Eye Test

Its amazing how often people buy new glasses, especially reading glasses without getting a new eye test first to ensure the prescription of their new glasses is up to date. Your eyesight changes over time, for some improving, and for others worsening, so the prescription in your old pair of glasses isn’t necessarily the most suitable for your current eyesight. So when investing in new glasses it is advisable to combine the visit to the Optician with an eye test to check your prescription. An Optometrist will also check your eye health to ensure no conditions are developing.

There is no doubt that eye health is important to us all, and buying glasses that we feel confident and comfortable in, as well as having lenses which are the correct prescription will ensure that our eyes aren’t strained. So it is wise to visit an Optician when you are considering replacing your glasses so that you can choose the best glasses for you.