The traditional RTM technology increases the manufacturing cost as usually using composite materials with the support of steel pipe or aluminum mold or steel mold processed by numerical control. Besides, an additional pressure system is required to close the mold. All factors mentioned above limit the application of RTM technology in large products, causing cost increase.

 As a low-cost manufacturing process, L-RTM technology has developed rapidly in recent years. It is widely used in ship, automobile, industry, and medical fields, surpassing the RTM technology. Although in rapid expansion, the L-RTM technology still retains almost all the advantages of RTM technology.

L-RTM, known as “light resin transfer molding”, is a process that uses closed molding technology to produce composite materials. According to the composite world, the closed mold consists of an “A” side mold (also known as the “base die”) and a half grid “B” side mold which is sealed to the “A” side by vacuum pressure.

L-RTM is a multi-functional manufacturing system that is founded out that it is conducive to produce high-quality water slides.

L-RTM technology is low-cost production technology. The most significant advantage of L-RTM technology lies in its low cost of mold production, which is about half of the cost of conventional RTM mold. Using L-RTM technology to produce specialized water park equipment will help you save a lot of manufacturing cost.

Also, the production efficiency of L-RTM technology is high so as to produce tubes and slides in time. Size is a necessary factor to be considered in the manufacturing process of the water slide, in which L-RTM technology can enhance the stability of the size of the water slide and improve safety.

At present, the Dalang group has successfully developed and applied the L-RTM system to produce water slides. The output of the product has reached the industry standard after thousands of tests. Datang is in the leading position in the equipment of the water park. The water slide produced by using L-RTM technology has the peculiar advantages we mentioned earlier: 

  • The improvement of the overall quality of the product is mainly reflected in the increase of the density of the product, the decrease of the void ratio, and the improvement of the mechanical properties.
  • The appearance of the product is bright and beautiful, as it is double-sided polished and colored with high-quality dyes.
  • VOC emission and material consumption are reduced in the manufacturing process, making it more environmentally friendly.

If your water park needs to replace the water slide or you need to purchase the water park equipment produced by L-RTM technology, Dalang, one of the few water park entertainment providers that can fully adopt such a system, will be an option you can’t refuse. The water slide produced by Dalang with L-RTM technology is not only recognized by experts in the composite material market but also highly appraised by experts in the water park industry.

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