Poker is the most famous card game variant in the world and many people consider it the “best of its kind”. It is considered one of the greatest strategy games out there. These days, Poker has become the talk of the town due to its rapidly increasing popularity as an intellectual game among the masses. There is a vast array of gaming platforms available on the internet which hosts all popular variants of Poker games such as Texas Hold’em, Hold’em ++, Omaha, Crazy Pineapple, etc around the clock. Players can log-in to their gaming account and join the tables anytime they want.

But what makes the Poker game so intriguing?

There are a number of similarities between Poker and chess. Like chess, Poker is a fantastic board game which is easy to learn, but hard to master. It challenges the player to use his analytical and problem-solving skills to beat the opponents. Also, it helps the player in coping with stress and developing mental abilities such as logical thinking, patience, determination, and focus.

You can never get bored of playing Poker. It is not just a form of entertainment. It is one of the best ways to make a good amount of money online. Gaming sites like host online Poker tournaments and poker cash games regularly throughout the year. Poker players can participate in these games with affordable buy-ins and take home mind-blowing rewards.

The rules to play the game are simple-you just need to create the best 5-card hand as per the hand ranking rules. But winning the game is not that easy. To achieve victory, the skills required are – planning, attention to detail, logical reasoning, and most importantly- strong will.

Irrespective of your level of experience and skills, there is always something to learn in Poker.

Here are some of the key factors which make Poker is one of the best mind games in the world –

It requires strategic planning

There is no luck involved in the game. In order to achieve the desired results, planning is essential. The player needs to keep a close eye on the opponent’s behavior to figure out his hand strength and future moves. When you play poker online, you cannot see the opponent and therefore cannot observe his body language, tendencies, and facial expressions. The only way to find a tell is memorizing his playing pattern and betting style. It is important to pay attention to your opponent’s moves such as the way he bets, how often he bluffs, how much time he takes to act on his turn, etc to identify his playing style (rock, TAG, calling station, LAG) and predict what his next action is going to be. The player needs to always stay one step ahead of his fellow players by taking calculated risks and formulate a poker strategy according to the situation to beat opponents and win the pot.


After a game session, the player needs to review his actions to find out the flaws in his gameplay. A good player knows that self-assessment is necessary to identify the weak spots in the game which forced him to make mistakes. The best way to evaluate your performance at the table is writing down how you played a hand, the situations that confused you, and the factors that influenced your decision such as your stack size, position, opponent’s playing style, etc. You can improve your gameplay by setting priorities and looking for the best ways to eliminate your weaknesses permanently.


Poker is all about learning. Like chess, you cannot win every day, but your willingness to improve increases your possibility of achieving success in the game. It is important to study and practice to upgrade your level of skills and experience. The more you face challenges, the better you learn how to develop strategies to deal with them. On a Poker table, you find opponents of different skill sets and experiences. If you don’t update yourself with new tactics and techniques, you will soon become an easy target for everyone. To maintain your edge and stay in the game for a long time, it is crucial to fine tune your gaming skills consistently.

So if you like chess, it’s time to try out the highly entertaining game of Poker. Create an account on and start playing action-packed online Poker games right now! You can make a fortune by playing online Poker as it generously rewards those players who believe in discipline and understand the significance of planning and preparation.