Men’s Silver Chains

If you are buying a gift for a man for their birthday or any other even then a great idea is to look into men’s silver chains. Generally speaking men prefer to wear silver over gold because it is significantly less ‘flashy’ and it is a color and a style which suits many men. Although we often think of women in terms of buying jewelry, we have seen a massively increased demand in men’s jewelry in recent years. A silver chain is a great gift for the man in your life and to ensure that you get the choice just right, here are some tips to consider when you go shopping for that gift. 


It may sound a little heartless but thinking of a budget first is going to be very important when it comes to buying the chain. It can be really easy to get sweet away by some of the beautiful pieces which you’ll see in the jewelry store, but you need to stay strong and only shop to your budget. Nobody wants you to overspend on a gift for them so pick out your budget first and then see what kind of pieces you can pick up for that budget. 

More Than a Chain 

Many men prefer to wear a chain which has a certain pendant on it and so this is something which you should think of when selecting your chain. For example a St. Christopher pendant is a very common addition to a chain, the patron saint of travelers no less. Have a think about what kind of person you are buying the chain for and then try to imagine whether or not they would like a pendant, and if so which one. 

Weight and Size

If you do decide to buy a pendant for the chain then the smartest idea will be to choose a thin chain rather than something chunky because the pendant is the main event here, not the chain on its own. If however you don’t intend on buying a pendant then you could instead look for a slightly thicker chain so that the piece still makes an impact. With the exception of watches and rings, most men’s jewelry is not for show, in fact most men wear it because of sentimental reasons. With this in mind there is no point in buying a chunky chain unless you are 100% sure that this is what the recipient would want. 


 Try not to get too hung up on sizing when you are shopping for this gift, of course it would be ideal if you can get the size right first time but if not it can be easily made larger or shorter. In most cases you’ll find that the chain which you buy will be of standard size, which means it will fit most necks. Make sure that the recipient tries it on straight away to see whether or not it is the right fit, if not, simply whip it back to the jewelers who can re-size it for you.