Did you know more than 673,000 houses sold this year alone? That’s a lot of property changing hands. Hence, it’s safe to say real estate investment is a great idea.

Are you looking to become a real estate investor? That is a smart financial choice. Here are the different types of real estate investments you can make to maximize your return on real estate investment.

1. Buy Property

If you’re looking at the different types of real estate investment properties buying a new property may come to the top of your list. Investing in a property is a great way to get a return.

Before you look to buy a property make sure you know your budget. Your budget will help to determine which type of real estate investments that you can comfortably make.

There are several different types of properties you can buy. Undeveloped land like ranch land offered from Harrigan Land is an opportunity to hold onto a property until it’s value rises.

2. Paint Existing Properties

Do you have an existing property that you are looking to upgrade? Investing in renovating your current properties can end up as a great real estate investment when it comes to resale prices. Painting both the interior and exterior of your home or other property can boost its resell value.

A commercial painting company can elevate your investment properties colors and curb appeal. Consider working with the painting professionals to select colors that will help resell value.

3. Commercial Properties

If you are looking at real estate investment properties you need to consider what type of property you want to invest in. Commercial properties can be a great investment. This type of property usually consists of office buildings and spaces.

These properties can be used to make rental income while you own the property. Consider building or buying commercial office space and then renting it out to office tenants. Having an income property can be a helpful investment.

4. Residential Properties

Another type of real estate investment is residential properties. You can buy or build single-family homes, condos, or vacation properties to use as rental income properties. You can even go big and invest in a whole apartment building.

Owning residential real estate is ideal for ongoing income but also good resale value. Wait to sell your residential property until the market is in your favor. In the meantime, you can rent out the properties on a short term or long term basis to generate income.

Types of Real Estate Investment

Know that you know some of the different types of real estate investment, it is time to get investing. Whether you want to buy new properties or upgrade current ones there are plenty of real estate investment options for you. If you have liquid assets available it is a great idea to look into investing in property.

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