When planning a holiday the most crucial thing is the planning, not just the trip but also the things and gadgets you will bring with you. Of course, you will need clothing, passport, and toiletries, but besides these, there are more items that you can bring with you to make your holiday an absolutely unforgettable one. Make sure to read this article to recognize the following items and their purpose. After that start to write down the things you want to bring with you a few days before leaving. This way you can be sure that you won’t forget anything at home.

Power Bank

Maybe you don’t need a camera because you’re not such an artistic person. But you definitely want to make some pictures during your vacation. And we all know that batteries are running low at the moment when we need them the most. So if you want to prevent that from happening you should bring a power bank with you.

Even if you don’t want to take photos you might need some power on your phone to access the Maps application or to play some online games on your phone when you’re waiting in the airport. You don’t necessarily need strong wi-fi for that. There are games that you can access through your browser, without spending good minutes to download it. These games are like Sizzling Hot, an easy casino game that you can access even through your phone. Casino games are a great way to spend your time while waiting. You don’t need earphones for them, or special gadgets you might need for an FPS game. You just open up your browser and find the casino game that suits you the most.

Quality headphones

Whether you’re going to a hotel or a camping trip you know what kind of environment you will meet there. Maybe there will be something annoying during the night that won’t let you sleep. Or maybe you will need them on an airport, or airplane to calm you down or just to help the time to pass by faster. These quality headphones are handy even when you’re communicating with someone on your phone. Most of the time headphones are enabled with noise-canceling so you and your talking partner will have a nicer experience.

Coffee brewer

This is an optional item. It depends on the person and on the place where you’re traveling. If you’re going to a fancy hotel where they have the best coffee you don’t have to worry about bringing your own coffee brewer. But if you’re more of a camping type of person who can’t live without coffee you should definitely get one. There are mini or nano pressor machines that work with batteries and can boil the water for you to make you a freshly brewed coffee. But if you’re more pretentious you can get an Aeropress, which makes an absolutely fine coffee. The only thing is that if you don’t want a cold brew you have to boil the water somehow. But trust me, it’s worth it.


Here I talk about every single cable you bring with yourself to an oversea country. There are a lot of inputs and outputs when it comes to. If your phone needs a C-type charger make sure to have one, if your iPhone needs a jack converter, make sure to bring, or if you need a UK type plug-in be sure that you have an adaptor in your bag.

Just a few facts, to show you why this is important. In the US and most of the Western countries they use electrical systems operating at 110-120 volts. Which is not a problem, but the real struggle is that almost every other country uses 220-240 volts as a standard. A 110v system has a 60Hz cycle while most of the 220v systems operate at 50Hz. This difference may cause some difficulties in your electrical device, so make sure that your adapter not just adapts but also converts the electrical power.

Smart backpack

Fashion is a big influence when you deceive what to wear on a trip, but practicality and safety should be more important than this. Luckily some of the high-end luggage manufacturers have released backpacks that meet all the aspects, in the “person” of smart backpacks. They usually have a nice minimalistic look, which fits most of the styles, they are super comfortable and really practical. If you’re a gadget lover just like me you’ll need a backpack with a lot of pockets that are padded enough so they won’t knock at each other.

In short, smart backpacks are like your ordinary backpacks, but a bit more techie, they fit better the geeks who bring a lot of stuff with them on a trip. Some of them even have USB ports and Jack inputs so you can charge your devices, or play your favorite music without having your pockets full with electronics. So they are a perfect storage option for the modern man.

Pocket tool

I guess this one is more liked by our male readers, but it can be handy just as much for the beautiful females out there. A pocket tool a.k.a. a multi-tool is basically like a swiss army knife, only they come in a different structure. They come in all shapes and sizes so it may fit more your needs. There are some that it can be used as a keychain, or even as a wallet. They have so much variation that you will definitely find the one that will fit you the most. They are good for your day-to-day life but when you’re on your own on a trip they can be just as useful (except when you’re traveling with an airplane). You never know when you will need a knife to open something or a screwdriver to fix something. So it’s always a good idea to keep one with you.