Cannabidiol (CBD), a popular cannabinoid found in Cannabis Sativa, has played an essential role in understanding the true potential of cannabis. Though it is too early to make conclusions, many research studies have shown promising benefits, particularly in treating anxiety and seizers.

The cannabis industry is pretty excited with the 2018 Farm Bill and its potential impact on the production and sale of cannabis. While people are pleased about the legal advances that have taken in favour of CBD, a new cannabinoid has taken the market by a storm. Cannabinol (CBD) is a cannabis compound that is expected to make it big in the cannabis industry. 

Before we dive deeper into the topic, let’s try to understand CBN better. 

CBN – What is It?

CBD is one of the popular cannabinoids that develops as a result of decomposition and oxygenation of THC. Due to this reason, you will find CBD in cannabis plants that are aged. 

On the other hand, CBD is a cannabinoid that is created from stale cannabis due to the breakdown of THC molecules, which is why researchers have taken so long to discover its benefits. 

Most people thought of CBN as a waste by-product, which wasn’t necessary for further examination. A study conducted at the Steep Hill Labs was able to discover that CBN possesses sedative-like effects. As a result, people have started exploring the therapeutic benefits of CBN and the role it plays in regulating our endocannabinoid systems. 

CBN – Research Evidences 

The most striking report highlighting the potential benefits of CBN would be by the facility – Steep Hill Labs. Its researchers suggested that the sedative-like effects of CBN are more powerful than any other cannabinoid found in cannabis, with the efficacy surpassing some of the well-known pharmaceuticals. 

The lab company claimed that consuming 2.5-5mg CBN dose could offer the same results as a 5-10mg dose of Diazepam (Valium). The study also mentioned that CBN and CBD could work together to provide a superior sedative synergy. 

Currently, there aren’t many scientific studies exploring the efficacy of CBN. However, early evidence seems quite promising. A 2012 studysuggested that CBN also acts like an appetite stimulant in rats, whereas the effects are opposite when CBD was administered. 

A 2006 study mentioned that CBN has the potential to work in synergy with other compounds found in cannabis for controlling the growth of a specific type of lung cancer cells. 

A study in 1984 administered CBN to cats with glaucoma. The results indicated that chronic use to help in reducing intraocular tension. 

How Does CBN Work?

Because CBN is derived from THC, it can be mildly psychoactive, which is the case when it is obtained from industrial cannabis. CBN is known to contain about 10% of the psychoactive properties found in THC, meaning that you would require a big dose to get “high”. 

CBN interacts with the endocannabinoid system in an interesting manner. Instead of binding with the CB1 and CB2 receptors like CBD, it tends to increase the overall production of endocannabinoids that help in promoting homeostasis. However, more research is necessary to get a full picture of how CBN works in the human body. 

CBN Oil – Health Benefits 

CBN oil is a product that is known to be rich in CBN. The oil is made by extracting CBN from cannabis plants, which is later dissolved in a carrier oil, such as almond or coconut oils. 

Some of the popular health benefits of CBN oil are discussed below – 

Pain Relief – Researchers were able to show that cannabinol could help in alleviating pain because it tends to alter the pain signals that neurons carry to the brain. A small study was able to find that CBN could reduce collagen-induced arthritis in participants. 

Antibacterial – CBN has been found useful in fighting highly resistant MRSA bacteria that causes a specific type of infection. 

Anti-Convulsive – CBN is also known to have anti-convulsive properties, which can be useful in the treatment of seizure disorders. 

Currently, researchers are trying to study the sedative component in CBN to help individuals who suffer from health conditions like anxiety disorders and insomnia. Though early studies seem promising, more research is necessary to offer conclusive evidence. 

CBN – Side Effects

Though CBN is mostly harmless, it is result in a few side effects if consumed in high doses. Inexperienced users who take a high dose of CBN oil may experience effects such as – 

    Loss of appetite 




You can keep these adverse effects in check by measuring the dosage carefully. It is always best to start with small doses and move your way upwards while using CBN oil. 

CBN – Legal Concerns 

The 2018 Farm Bill has de-scheduled hemp and CBD from the list of Controlled Substances. However, things are slightly tricky for CBN because it is a by-product of THC. 

As of now, CBN isn’t listed as a controlled substance, and as it is extracted from hemp, it is legal in most states for all kinds of purposes. If you are interested in trying out the therapeutic benefits of CBN, take a look at CBN oil at Industrialhempfarms today! 

Closing Thoughts 

CBN oil has shown tremendous potential in its early stages. Due to this reason, it is not uncommon to find tinctures and extracts of CBN in the market. If you wish to use this product, it is best to find a reliable store to source high-quality CBN oil, distillates, and isolates from a reputed manufacturer.