Are you planning to move to New York City soon? Or maybe you already live in the city and plan to relocate to another borough or neighborhood. You have to remember that New York City is made up of five boroughs including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

Most people think of Wall Street or the Fashion or Financial districts when they think of New York City. But they are seriously limiting their options and it’s a real shame because some of these hidden gem neighborhoods are really up-and-coming and exciting.

Take Harlem as an example. Have you heard of the Harlem luxury apartment for rent at Renoir house? This place is amazing and has modern kitchens and baths, stainless steel appliances, concierge services, laundry facilities, a rooftop lounge, on-site parking, and a gym on the premises. You can’t find luxury living like this just anywhere.

With that said, we’ll share three hidden gem neighborhoods in New York City with you today. Please consider these exciting options when choosing your new NYC neighborhood as you work hard to find apartments that meet your wants and needs.

1. Hell’s Kitchen

You hear a name like Hell’s Kitchen and automatically think the worst. And there was a time when this section of New York City deserved its name. But the area has been cleaned up throughout the years and now it’s one of the best neighborhoods for LGBTQ New Yorkers to live in.

In the early 80s, it was like living in the Wild West. But now it’s one of the safest parts of New York City. It’s a great neighborhood to live in if you intend to raise children. Construction has increased throughout the years and crime is no longer a problem. Plus there are many wonderful luxurious apartments, great parks, excellent restaurants, and so much more available in the community.

2. Chelsea

So many people love moving to Chelsea because it’s one of those hidden gem up-and-coming neighborhoods that you can no longer ignore. The West Chelsea art galleries are truly amazing, so if you love art then you’ll love moving into this neighborhood.

The High Line opened in 2009. It’s an incredible place for residents, but it definitely has strict rules. You aren’t allowed to run or bike nor have any dogs. But it’s got an innovative landscape design that makes it feel like you are living in a lush green setting in the middle of the city.

The restaurants in Chelsea are excellent. A few great options to try include El Quinto Pinto, Le Singe, Da Umberto, Co. to name a few wonderful choices. It has tree-lined streets, picturesque brownstone apartment buildings, and great museums and a healthy nightlife.

3. Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Greenpoint is an awesome place to live because it’s one of NYC’s best-kept secrets. It’s a quiet Brooklyn sanctuary that is hard to find in the Big Apple.

For starters, it’s so close to Manhattan that you can make your way into the city whenever you want. There are wonderful views of the gorgeous Manhattan skyline and the food in Greenpoint is second to none.

Best of all, the fashion on Franklin Street is a great reason to move to this neighborhood. The clothing shops like Pas Mal, In God We Trust, and Wolves Within are bound to impress the most intense fashion aficionados.

Even better, the neighborhoods are safe and it’s a great place to live. You can’t go wrong moving to Greenpoint, Brooklyn because you’ll love everything about this wonderful hidden gem.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to improve your luxury living experience or not. Each one of these New York City neighborhoods is amazing for their own reasons. These hidden gems are perfect for people who want to live in the heart of the city but still have a safe sanctuary to call home. Consider moving to any of these great places if you plan to move to or relocate within New York City.