Many people dream of living in California, and for several good reasons. The weather is balmy almost all year round while the place itself is among the coolest and most fashionable choices. They’ve got it all: the tech capital, Hollywood,Van Rental Los Angeles and every kind of activity you can imagine.


California is still a huge state which is why it makes sense to invest some time in choosing your preferred region. You can also choose from excellent options such as the Alameda apartments for rent or apartments in Oahu when you’ve decided to move. Whichever option you choose, you should be clear about your specific dream area.

Different regions within California offer various advantages. Let’s have a look at the top choices:

  1. San Diego

This is among the most known areas of California, which is also very culturally diverse. After Los Angeles, San Diego is the biggest city in the state having around 1.35 million people. If you’re on the lookout for that quintessential American melting pot, this is one of the best places to be.

The climate is also quite ideal in this region, especially during the summer. It’s rated as being among the topmost happiest places to live in the United States. Of course, the high cost of living might be a major deterrent.

  1. Irvine

If you prefer a smaller city, Irvine might be the perfect place for your new home. It’s a wealthy, safe area that’s both reputable and lucrative. There’s no dearth of well-paying jobs if you’re qualified enough. You also get easy access to the other central locations in California with an excellent rail system.

With the quality education and clean environment, this place could be the haven you’re seeking. However, it’s quite hard to afford a lifestyle here for most folks.

  1. Mountain View

Here lies the seat of Google, which should be enough for most techies seeking a career path within this company. The home prices might be steep, but you get a terrifically low crime rate coupled with a high-quality education for your family.

Along with the work aspect, there are plenty of recreational spots and family-friendly places here as well. See if you can offset the high cost of living with a great job, and your next stop might be this very spot!

  1. Davis

While Davis might be a smallish community as compared to the rest of California, but it’s perfect for those who’re looking to live in a college town. Here we have one of the biggest campuses for the University of California, which is just one symbol of the stable education system for this region.

If you have a family, you’ll also be pleased to learn about the huge park spaces and various activities available in Davis. There’s a lot of entertainment to keep you occupied. It includes cycling, farmers’ markets, and several other options.

  1. Sacramento

High prices will make you reconsider most of the areas in California, but Sacramento is one of the exceptions. Here, you’ll get those symbolic tree-lined streets and wonderful food experience. What’s even better is that the housing is pretty affordable when you compare it to other stellar locations.

  1. Yuba City

Yuba City is one of the small-town options. The median home value is quite attractive when you consider Californian standards. An added bonus is that you get a lot of opportunities to grow your income.

The Takeaway

There are several other great places to move to when considering your California dream home. The ones above will give a gist of what to expect. The great part of this search is that you’re assured of excellent education and healthcare services in California. Here’s wishing you a beautiful future in the Golden State!