Year after year, the same ambitious plan resounds with many women worldwide: getting a bikini figure. Mostly we take this plan much too late and then postpone our plan to the next year.

Why bother with the torture, when there are many simple styling tricks that can hide wide hips, thick thighs or broad shoulders? The following styling tricks will have you looking your trim and luscious.

  1. Choose The Ideal Cut

Narrow and elongated shapes in jackets, shirts, jumpers,and skirts visually lengthen the body, allowing the figure to look much slimmer. Choose waterfall blazers, maxi or flared shirts and pencil skirts.

  1. Mix Patterns Correctly

Mix patterns correctly to appear slimmer. Patterned garments can make you look slim, but they can also make you look larger. When wearing patterned clothes, it is most beneficial if you combine black or dark colors. Also, bear in mind that horizontal stripes make us look visually wider, which is why they should be avoided wherever your problem areas are. Longitudinal stripes, on the other hand, cause the opposite.

  1. Stand Upright

“Belly in, chest out” – there is much more truth to this saying than we think. Adopting the correct posture presents a leaner body with a more self-confident appearance. So, go ahead and straighten your back and stretch out our chest.

Also, keep in mind that a head that is hung too low accompanied by low shoulders results in a protruding stomach that gives an unmotivated and depressed overall appearance. Keeping the chin up is also a great way to disguise unwanted skin such as a double chin. Also, the attitude of arms and legs can make us look thicker or thinner.

  1. Black Is Slimming

Black is and always should be your best friend, if you have a few pounds too much on your waistline! While white colors reflect light, black absorbs light and has a decisive advantage for us, which is that black areas appear much smaller than bright ones. Black clothing always churns a few pounds off and is, therefore, our slim-styling tip number one!

Wearing black allows our overall body shape to appear even, causing love handles to disappear. In addition, shadows, outlines and other contours on black are barely recognizable. If your problem areas are more in the area of​​the legs and hips, opt for black pants or skirts. A good option is trendy narrow cut skirts paired with hosieries such as black plus size leggings. Also, if you have broad shoulders, you can hide them with black tops.

Just be careful that you do not look too sad in completely black clothes. Counteract this with colorful accessories such as scarves or eye-catching jewelry.

  1. Choose Flattering Waist Belts

If you have little or no waistline, it is strongly recommended to wear a waist belt, because this emphasizes the waist and makes them look narrower. Make sure that you do not strap the belt too tight, otherwise you will quickly achieve the opposite effect. Especially with long cardigans or dresses, you can style yourself with dark or natural toned waist belts.