Everyone already knows what makes their smoking experience enjoyable, the right leaves, the right friends, finding the perfect spot to just relax. Ensuring that there are no safety issues with your gear is an important step. Here are a few things to consider to ensure that your smoking experience is safe. These suggestions won’t keep you from doing stupid things while you’re high, but at least, you will keep your body healthy and happy.

Avoid aluminium grinders

Using an aluminium grinder to crush up your weed can be detrimental to your health. Aluminium is a soft metal, meaning the grinders chip easily with regular use, and shards can end up in your bowl with no real way of knowing they’re there. If the shards are in a consistently hot place (such as a cherried bowl), they can release toxic fumes and carcinogens. Occasionally using an aluminium grinder may be alright, but spend the extra money and invest in a steel grinder instead.

  • Remember: inconsistently hot environments, aluminium can bind to chemicals in your herb to form other compounds, some of which can potentially be toxic.

Avoid plastic in your pipes

Everyone knows you’re never supposed to keep a plastic bottle of water in a hot car for too long because it releases carcinogens. A plastic bong that’s constantly heated will do the same thing. Some plastics are more harmful than others, but to stay on the safe side, steer clear of all plastic equipment and choose glass instead. The three most toxic types of plastics are

  • BPA (bisphenol A)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Polystyrene

Don’t Put Ice in Your Bong

Although it makes for a smoother hit, it’s best to keep ice out of the equation. Using ice inside your bong can cause some serious health problems, leading up to serious stuff like pneumonia. When you add ice in your bong, you’re inhaling frozen water vapour — the stuff that comes out of the freezer when you first open it — and that can put a serious strain on your lungs. The lungs simply aren’t built to inhale tiny ice crystals, so understand that you are irritating your lungs with every puff. In addition, putting ice in your bong can lower your core body temperature and cause a vasoconstriction response and potentially lowering your immune system and making you more vulnerable to infection

Look out for knockoff rolling papers

Not all rolling papers are the real deal. Unfortunately, there’s a market for fake rolling papers, especially trendy paper, such as ones that are coloured and flavoured. There’s no way to know if these products are FDA-approved and adhere to the safety standards for human use. Only buy rolling papers from reputable sources.

  • Even if you’re using legit rolling papers, it’s best to avoid rolling papers that have been bleached and/or contain flavour. Look for all-natural raw, unbleached papers.

Glass blunts

You can avoid any and all potential problems with rolling papers by switching to a best glass blunt system. A glass blunt is a glass pipe with a sliding glass tube inside. Glass blunts are easier to prepare and don’t require constant purchases of rolling papers.

Burnt fingers and lips are among some of the most common casualties of traditional blunts. With its efficient heat insulation system, The glass blunt has rendered these kinds of burns a thing of the past. Glass blunts are safe, durable and non-toxic.

  • Many glass blunts come with convenient carrying cases. Fill your glass blunt with up to 2grams of your favourite weed and you‘re ready.


Your smoking experience should be smooth, enjoyable and worry free. Having the right equipment is the first step, which includes ensuring that harmful chemicals don’t find their way into your body. Making a few small changes isn’t difficult, such as investing in a steel grinder and buying a best glass blunt system. Feel free to enjoy your choice of herb secure in the knowledge that you’re taking care of yourself.