We’ll admit that, at Christmas time, it’s nice to be at home. It’s nice to cosy up on your own sofa, tuck into a couple of mince pies and watch your favourite festive flicks. But the holiday season can be one of the most exciting times to travel and discover unique Christmas traditions around the world.

Why not head to Austria and take part in a traditional Krampuslauf? This is where people run through the streets dressed as Krampus, the terrifying half-goat, half-demon creature said to punish naughty children at Christmas time. Or how about travelling to China to marvel at their Trees of Light? These Christmas trees are decorated with beautiful lanterns and flowers, rather than just ordinary baubles and tinsel.

If you’re not able to get away for the holidays this year, you can still find out more about Christmas traditions in other countries. Just check out the infographic on this page. It’s been put together by bgo, to celebrate their collection of holiday-inspired online games like Selfie Elfie.