Utilising various sources available on the Internet is perhaps the most proficient means to maximise your sports bet and make the most profit. Because there are so many online bookmakers registered to operate in the UK, you should make use of as many resources as you can to make sure you’re getting the best price for your respective bets and also to research the form of a team or event before placing a bet. This post will introduce the best web services that you can use to improve your online sports betting.

Bet comparison websites

Much like you would use a comparison website before renewing your car insurance, you should use a bet comparison website like this before placing a bet. This is particularly the case if you have accounts with multiple bookmakers already, as the comparison website will inform you of the best markets across the board. You can use a website such as Easy Odds to look for the best markets for specific events, and they will provide you with details of the best value bookmaker for your desired bet. 

Free bet calculators 

Free bet calculators are incredibly useful tools if you’re hoping to maximise your online sports betting profit. They can help you work out bets such as accumulators, Yankees, and even lucky 15s, which allows you to plan your spread in advance and maximise the potential returns from any stakes. There are many bet calculators online, but perhaps the simplest to use is the Free Bet Calculator, which helps you build multiple bets and works out your potential returns. 

Free bets and bonus trackers 

The easiest way to maximise your profits in sports betting is to take advantage of as many free bets and ongoing promotions as possible. However, with so many bookmakers, it can be challenging to keep up with all of the available offers and promotions, which means you may lose out on money, and you might not be getting the best value from your current sportsbook. In order to help you track and monitor the free bets and bonuses offered by online bookmakers, you should follow an online platform that tracks these for you, such as Gamblem. This way, you can be sure that you have signed up for the best offers available, and you won’t miss out on any upcoming promotions. 


Betmanager describes itself as the social network of sports betting. It’s an innovative platform dedicated to spreading the news about sports betting markets, and you can follow tipsters, online gambling sites, and other sources that help you conduct research into the best choices for your upcoming bets. Betmanager is an excellent option if you put on multiple bets simultaneously, as you can track your bets and accounts in your profile. Hence, you’re always aware of the profit you’re making from your selections. 

Online statistics platforms 

Before placing bets on any sport, you should research the form and performance of the teams or individuals competing to give you the best chance of winning your bets. This is particularly the case if you’re planning to bet on in-play markets, as examining trends from previous matches or games can inform your bets and help you make the most profit. If you’re planning to bet on a football match, for example, you could make the most of the statistics provided by OPTA, as they detail many essential things to think about before making a bet. Depending upon the sport you are interested in betting on as well, you can find online resources that help you to make informed choices. If American football is more your speed, you can look to Doc’s NFL predictions.