One of the most important features of an online slot machine UK game are the reels, despite the fact that they physically do not exist. 

What are the features of a slot game 

There are many features that comprise a slot game. These components of the slot are all important, although many have been reinvented over the years. Online slots try to remain as faithful to real life slot machines as possible, however due to the different hardware, there are many aspects which have been changed.

  •     Symbols – One of the most important features of an online slot game, these symbols can be found on the reels. They will come in all sorts of designs, usually related to the game’s theme, with a winning combination of symbols being known as a payline.
  •     Payline – Something that a player is trying to get, this is essentially a winning combination of symbols on the reel. Payline amount can vary depending on whether the player is using a slot with new technology that allows for larger numbers or an older game.
  •     Spin button – This is a physical button in a real life slot while online slots will simply have an animated area where the player places their finger. In order for the reels to spin, the player will have to hit the spin button.

What are reels 

With so many features of an online slot game, players may have a tough time deciding which is the most important. An argument can be made that the most important aspect of an online slot is the reels. The reels are the first thing that players will see in an online slot game. While they used to be a piece of machinery inside the slot, today they are instead simple animations. The reels contain symbols that can create a winning line for the player. Spinning the reels will lead to the player either getting a win or needing to spin again, they can be spun by using the spin button. Often, modern slots will have a five reel format although this can change depending on the game you are using. Classic slots tend to have only three reels whilst some slots can have as many as six! 

Unique designs 

The standard designs for modern slots are five reels while classic slots have three, these are not the only designs out there however. There are many different reel designs that players will come across during a visit to a slots site. 

  •     Megaways – One slot reel format that players love is the Megaways format, it promises over 1,000 different ways for players to win! The format for this reel design is unique in the fact that it is always changing, hence the reason why it offers players so many different paylines.
  •     Single reel format – Believe it or not but there are actually slot games which use a single reel. These games are incredibly simple to use as they have only one paylines but they are loved by players regardless.


Reels and their format are vital to the slot playing experience.