There have been numerous poets and philosophers, our parents, teachers and mentors have taught us not to get upset over something. For example, when we used to get fewer marks in exams our parents and teachers motivated us to work harder next time. There was constant recalling that this is not the end, you will get the opportunity to get the desired results next time. But it seems this lesson has not been applied by many in real life.

Today’s teenagers get depressed very easily, maybe their teachers didn’t teach them that success is not overnight it takes baby steps to reach the top. These are all quotes that are hung on walls on college campuses but nobody pays heed to them. If followed correctly it can lead to a remarkable change in attitude and focus towards the goal. 

Today people are taking risks in life to make it big but without proper planning. This is because they are not ready to fail as to how to react to failures. The basic thing to learn from inventors and scientists is the number of times they failed before making it. Had they succumbed to anguish and disappointment we wouldn’t have imagined this modern-day world. But all credit to globalisation that now the world seems much closer people have started to imagine that success is easy. They live in their own imaginary life where success seems like a mirage that is just a step away but is actually not. Therefore, when they fail, they don’t know what to do. And in the heat of the moment, they make a drastic situation which affects both their life and of their loved ones. In this article, we shall discuss delve deep into the topic of anguish and the possible ways to curb it for a healthy life. 

How Anguish affects us?

Yes, this is the most obvious question where people ask how can anguish be dangerous to that extent. It is natural to feel sad and low when you didn’t achieve what you ought to. That situation is the real strength of our mental strength. Everyone is fine when you are elated, the real test of someone’s character is when he/she fails. All the biggest world leaders, achievers and successful people have this attitude in them. Even they are humans with the same emotions as us but they don’t get carried away. 

This can be seen in India itself where Bengaluru, the city of startups and Entrepreneurs is also the city with the highest number of suicides and divorces. One can see the exact correlation between them. Those who start businesses or startups are mostly youngsters in college or just past outs. They put their heart and soul to start a business but unfortunately not all startups turn out to be successful. Only a few of them become giants like Facebook, Amazon or Paytm. After spending important lives of their life when failure comes as the result, many of them are unable to take it. 

They opt to end their life which is not the solution. The correct way is to face challenges and try again by making sure the mistakes are not repeated. This is just an example of Bengaluru, there are many unknown areas across the world. People are attempting to end life for silly reasons like a fight with a partner, clash with friends or mood swings. Such people have high-stress levels, low dopamine, disturbed sleeping pattern, dissatisfied sex life often leading the person to find solace in alcohol, tobacco or other such addictions. These are the same people that depend on Cenforce 200, Super P Force, Fildena Pills, from Powpills

It’s time we realise that anguish is not a personal problem anymore. It is a global issue with victims present in every continent. 

Possible solutions

Yoga and Meditation

Those who have been doing yoga and meditation for a long time, are permanently safe from any such anguish problems. Yoga and meditation help in obtaining higher levels of focus, concentration, correcting the sleeping cycle and getting rid of depression and all such mental illnesses. Every day one must allot 1 hour for yoga and meditation regularly. 

Communicating thoughts

Keep talking, in simple words, this summarizes the second paragraph of possible solutions. Talk to friends, relatives, parents or acquaintances about your problem. If your friend is the victim, never leave him alone. These ailments are not any virus that enters our body from outside, they are present within us. 


For a healthy life, you must get rid of anguish or at least control it from making you pessimistic. Controlling anguish will result in a dip in cases of depression and blood pressure problems. It helps in overcoming hypertension, improper heartbeat and mental state. From today one must not fall for anguish instead become the harbinger of positivity.