THC oil, cannabis oil, vape oil, and now honey oil? With so many cannabis products on the market, it takes a lot of effort to know what to buy. 

A few decades ago, most people consumed cannabis by joint or bong, almost exclusively. Now, there are so many forms and methods that many consumers are getting confused. One of those forms is honey oil. 

It might sound like it’s for the bees, but honey oil is one of the most potent ways to consume cannabis. Keep reading to find out more about this sweet product. 

What Is Honey Oil?

Honey oil is just the colloquial term for hash oil. It’s called “honey” because of it’s color and stickiness, but it doesn’t actually have any honey in it. Hash oil is a super concentrated form of THC that is gold or brown and gooey. 

This substance is both an extract and a concentrate. It’s powerful and intense for novice cannabis users while still strong for experienced users. There are not enough conclusive studies to determine whether this form of cannabis is healthier than others, but it’s been around for hundreds of years. 

How It’s Made

Honey oil, or hash oil, is a semi-solid extract of cannabis. The beneficial ingredients, like THC and CBD, are extracted in concentrated amounts by using a solvent. Typically, this is ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, or some other solvent

Various forms of alcohol can remove excess water, sugars, and other undesirable ingredients from the plant. Dried cannabis plants are submerged in the alcohol solvent for a bit, strained, and the strained mixture is left in heat until the alcohol evaporates.

Learning how to make honey oil is a relatively simple process that anyone could try at home, just make sure to use basic safety guidelines for working with flammable solvents. 

How to Use It

If you know anything about dabbing, you may already be familiar with honey oil. Cooling and drying this oil will transition it into shatter or wax that you can dab. 

There are other uses for honey oil as well. You can infuse it into foods or drinks, which is usually a healthier way to consume cannabis. You can vape it using various vaping products. You can also smoke it with a water pipe, oil pipe, or a glass bong. 

If it’s your first time using honey oil, make sure to take it slowly. As both an extract and a concentrate, it’s more powerful than other forms of cannabis. 

More Cannabis News

Honey oil is likely a new term for younger generations, but it’s been around for decades; however, only recently are Americans able to legally enjoy it. If you have experience with cannabis and want a strong product, honey oil is a great option. 

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