Are you unhappy with your recent property appraisal?

There are external factors beyond your control that affect property values, like appreciation, location, and the local economy. However, there are several things you can do to boost your appraisal the second time around.

You don’t have to accept your appraisal the way it is. You can add on to house designs to increase the size and condition of your home.

External factors aren’t the only indicators of value. Home additions and property upgrades have a significant impact, as well.

Read on to discover which home additions can supercharge your property values.

1. Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. It’s were memorable conversations, and culinary magic takes place. It’s also one of the first rooms buyers look at when searching for a home.

According to Remodeling Magazine, homeowners see, on average, an 82% return on their kitchen remodel investment. That’s a great average! Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to transform your kitchen.

Start small with a new kitchen backsplash. Open up your space and install a new kitchen island. Update your stove, oven, dishwater, and fridge to the latest models.

Don’t forget to have something baking as buyers roam through your beautiful new kitchen.

2. Transform Your Bathroom Into a Tranquil Sanctuary

The next space that needs a makeover is your bathroom. A clean, spacious, relaxing bathroom with the latest upgrades is music to buyers’ ears.

Bathroom renovations yield a 62% ROI, on average, according to recent data from U.S. News. It’s less than the ROI on kitchen remodels, but its still a decent rate on return.

Start by addressing all needed repairs, like loose knobs, old faucets, clogged drains, old mirrors, and jiggling toilets. It’s worth it to replace your toilet entirely. You should also get rid of any shower mold and other indoor pollutants.

A spacious bathtub can go a long away. If your current one is too old and narrow, replace it with a new tub. You could go back to an alcove tub or try something different like a freestanding Victorian-style tub.

3. Throw on a Fresh Coat of Paint

You may not need a gazillion home additions to increase the value of your property. A few coats of paint might just do the trick!

New paint brightens up any room. Colors play an important role in the buying process too. Different color combinations can inspire feelings of hunger, tranquility, and even optimism.

Suppose your house is perfect for a growing family. Consider painting one of the upstairs rooms with a happy yellow shade. This will help convey warmth and positivity.

There are also painting tricks for creating the illusion of space and tall ceilings.

4. Add on to House Plans to Increase the Size

Size is one of the primary indicators of home value. It’s one of the first things you should be considering if you’re serious about increasing that appraisal number.

Before you take a sledgehammer to the wall, call a professional builder, contractor, or architect first. Figure out the best way to open up your home’s floor plan. It’s not as simple as knocking down a few walls.

Add on to house plans with a simple blueprint first. Drafting skills are helpful here. All your measurements need to be on point.

You don’t want to decrease your home’s value while trying to increase it. Stay on the safe side and call a professional.

5. Create a Guest Bedroom

Since you’re increasing space, why not add a guest bedroom to the mix? This addition would be attractive to home buyers who like to host friends and family from out-of-town. They’re also an attractive addition to homeowners who plan to be Airbnb hosts.

Add a guest bedroom to your remodeling blueprints. You could also turn an old bedroom or office into a guest bedroom to save money.

6. Invest in Your Backyard and Landscaping

It’s easy to neglect your landscaping, but your eyesore of a yard could be affecting your appraisal value.

Fresh landscaping adds “curb appeal” to your home. Curb appeal is your lawn, porch, sidewalks, driveway, and anything someone can see from the outside. Curb appeal also includes your home’s facade, roof, and other external features.

Improving your curb appeal will boost value, but it will make more buyers stop their car and notice. Lots of buyers drive and drive until they find their dream home.

Additions aren’t just for the interior of your home, either. Many outdoor additions can increase your property values, like pools, garden sheds, garages, guest homes, pool houses, and greenhouses. Learn more about financing a pool and other additions, so you can get the best return on your investment.

This is another area where it’s worth talking to a professional. There is a lot of landscaping that you can take care of yourself, like gardening and decor. However, building a pool is quite a process, and you’re going to need a professional to help.

7. Get a Professional Opinion

An appraisal can only tell you the value of your home. An appraiser can’t tell you how to boost property values. Before changing anything in your home, talk to a real estate professional first.

Do you have any friends, family members, or acquaintances who are real estate professionals? See what your Facebook network turns up. A real estate pro can tell you what you need (and don’t need) to boost those values before you sell.

Another option is to get a home inspection. An inspector can point out all the problem areas in your house that need repairs.

The moral of the story here is to get as much professional advice as possible.

Start Boosting Those Property Values

Unless you’re waiting for external factors to improve, those property values aren’t going to increase by themselves. Use this guide to discover the right add on to house plans, backyards, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

Do you have enough resources to create your dream home? Stop by daily to discover the latest tips and trends to level up your home and life.