In 2022, Apple sold more than 60 million iPads. That’s not surprising when you learn the company reached $394.3 billion in revenue that same year.

Having an iPad can be a great advantage, but what about when your iPad won’t turn on? Your iPad may need to be fixed for several reasons, and getting to the bottom of it can be tricky.

However, no matter how bleak the outlook is, you can try a few things to get it working again. One of them might solve your problem.

So, if you’re interested in fixing your iPad, keep reading. Here’s what to do when your iPad goes faulty.

Common iPad Problems

iPads are not infallible, and sometimes problems can arise. Let’s look at a few common iPad problems you might encounter. One of these reasons may be why your iPad won’t turn on.

Dead Battery

One of the first reasons your iPad won’t turn on is because the battery inside is dead. If there is no power from the battery, the device won’t be able to power on.

Keeping updated with the battery health status of your iPad can help you avoid this problem. When the battery is in bad health, it’s time to replace it.

Faulty Charger or Cable

Having a dead battery doesn’t necessarily mean it’s faulty. If the iPad’s battery is dead, it could be a defective charger or cable. If your phone is charging for hours without changing its battery status, it’s time to replace the charger or cable.

Some cables can cause your device to have battery or charging problems, so it’s recommended only to use the original charger set that the iPad came with. However, before you spend money on a new one, check if it’s not still under warranty.

Corrupted Software or Hardware Issues

The loaded software could corrupt if your iPad doesn’t turn on. It can also indicate that the device’s hardware is malfunctioning.

While keeping your device updated with the latest software version is essential, sometimes these software releases can cause problems. Attempting to jailbreak the device can also cause your iPad not to turn on.

  • Pro Tip: One indication you may have corrupt software or damaged hardware is the power light is on, but the screen is still black

Physical Damage

While iPads may withstand some bumps and nudges with regular use, doing significant damage, like dropping your iPad on a tiled floor, can mean your iPad won’t turn on. Dropping your iPad can cause internal damage to the hardware.

This type of iPad problem is more severe and may require you to take your iPad to a reliable gadget repair service. If the internal hardware is damaged, you likely won’t have the spare parts to repair it yourself.

Water Damage

Another common reason an iPad won’t turn on is that its sustained water damage. When water comes into contact with electronics, it can cause various problems. For example, it can short out the device, meaning it won’t turn on anymore.

Many people advise putting your device in a bag of rice immediately. The idea is that the rice is absorbent and will suck up all the excess moisture in the phone. However, this is untrue and can be detrimental to your iPad. For instance, rice is a grain with dust and starch that can get into your device and cause problems.

My iPad Won’t Turn On; Now What?

So you’ve spent some time on iPad troubleshooting and found your device has suffered one of the above troubles. Now you want to know how to fix an iPad that won’t turn on. Let’s review a few things you can try.

Confirm Its Not Working

Before declaring that the device is dead, you want to confirm that the iPad is not turning on, not just a frozen iPad screen. You also want to check whether or not the charger or charging cable is faulty.

If you know someone with the same device, use their charger with your cable and check if your iPad begins to charge. If there is no charge, then try their charger and their cable. If the device still refuses to charge, try a different plug point.

If the iPad won’t turn on, after all that, it’s confirmed the device itself is faulty, and you should consider looking for iPad repair services in your area.

Force Restart the Device

A hard restart or forced restart is another method you can try if your iPad won’t turn on. This method can be highly effective and is relatively straightforward.

If your iPad has a Home button, press and hold it and the top button simultaneously. You want to keep this hold for 10-15 seconds. It worked when you see the Apple logo, and you can release the buttons.

For iPads without a Home button, you must press the Volume Up button and quickly release it. Do the same for the Volume Down button and then press and hold the top button and wait for the device to restart.

Replace the Battery

If you’ve found the reason your iPad is not turning on is a dead battery, it’s time to purchase a new one. Although pricing may vary, you can buy one in several places, from your local Apple store to several online shops.

Your iPad battery should typically last two to three years before needing replacing. It’s important to note that you can’t install the battery without proper tools and skills, and you should instead look for iPad repair services.

Visit the Apple Store / Contact Apple Support

Finally, if your iPad won’t turn on, you can take it directly to the Apple Store for repair services. Depending on some factors, your repairs may be covered under the warranty, or a service fee may be charged to your account. Alternatively, you can contact Apple Support online, who can advise further.

iPad Troubleshooting Like a Pro

It can be very frustrating if your iPad won’t turn on. This can happen for several reasons, and troubleshooting yourself can go a long way to getting it working again. If your iPad is not turning on, you can check if the charger and charging cable are working, the battery status, force restart the device, and check for any visible damage.

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