Wearing a fragrance gives you a great feel and freshness. You are also more confident around people. You must have noticed that about some people around you that they always smell nice. It is so because not only they are wearing a quality fragrance but also something that matches their personality. To have a signature fragrance of your own, you need to try new ones. You will know when you will finally find it. Not only would you be happy with it, but also people will compliment you more often about it. Kenzo Perfumes Australia takes great measures for the notes of their fragrances which determine the depth of their perfumes. You need to make sure what kinds of smells you like and what kind of and how strong your body odor. After you know what smell works perfectly with your body, that is it! You have found yourself a signature fragrance.

Hereunder are some traits of a good fragrance that you should be aware of before buying it so you can choose yours wisely:

  1. Depth

There are three notes in a fragrance that make it great. They also make a fragrance complicated. A lot of people prefer complicated fragrances because it makes the fragrances unique and hard to guess. The first note has a bright smell, something that attracts the nose-first. The second note is also called as the heart note because it is a mixture of fruits and flowers. The third note is the power note usually coming from musk or wood. If you have watched the movie Perfume, you would know about the importance of these notes. Here you must note that when you apply any fragrance on your wrist, you must not crush them together as they kill the depth and structure of the notes; This changes the smell and also take away its long-lasting quality.

  1. Authenticity

The authenticity of a fragrance is one of the most important things you must keep in mind whether you are someone who is buying it or selling it. If you are buying a fragrance that is supposed to smell like a certain fruit or flower or wood, it must smell like that. Ever remember a candle that is supposed to smell lily but smells like a rotten apple? It is the same with fragrances. You can pick any smell but make sure it smells as it is supposed to. It is the authenticity of a fragrance which makes it smell good and fresh. It is also what makes you sure of the smell you are going to be wearing for the day.

  1. Distinct quality

Always use your fragrance for its distinct quality. Ask yourself what is it that makes it smell different than the other fragrances in a specific category? If you are picking up a perfume based on the flower whose smell you love, notice what makes the fragrance stand out. Usually, it is the mixture of a fruit or flower in the appropriate quantity, which makes a specific fragrance stand out separate from others. So, even if you are choosing your fragrance based on your favourite flower, do not be too taken by the specific smell of it. Remember, it has to smell unique. Jasmine alone will not do. Pick something that has a note of grapefruit in it. If you are looking for good perfumes for yourself or to gift it someone close to you, Forbes has collected a list of the best ones out there.

  1. Long-Lasting

This trait of a good fragrance is my personal favorite. It is easier to pick up a perfume that smells nice, especially if you are not looking for something specific. However, it is not easier to find a fragrance that would last long. Sometimes, a fragrance lasts long but leaves a bad smell at the end; you also want to avoid picking up such fragrances. You can only know this by using a fragrance. So, it is always wise to pick up a smaller bottle or a sample bottle of perfume before spending your money on a bigger package.

  1. Strength

Nobody wants to buy a fragrance which is too light to reach anyone unless someone hugs you. However, some people prefer such strong fragrances that the people around them get uncomfortable. So, in that case, even if the fragrance is generally good, but if it is too strong, it will end up irritating the people around you. It would be very unkind of you, especially if someone around is allergic to perfumes. So, you must opt for a perfume that is neither too light nor too strong. Something people can only smell when they are standing close to you or walk past you is going to work wonders! Now that you know the traits of a good fragrance, you must know that your fragrance tells a lot about your personality.

  1. Appropriateness

Another quality of a good fragrance is that you can wear it in your office, a wedding, with friends, or even if you are lazing around at home. The fragrance that is appropriate to wear anywhere is genuinely a blessing! Even if you are a perfume freak, you will know the importance of that one fragrance in your collection that you want to pick up no matter where you are going. If you are not a perfume freak, then you do not have an option other than to find a perfume that works everywhere. It is such a relief when you finally find a fragrance like that.

  1. Harmony

You can always opt for something which is a mixture of a couple of fruits or flowers. However, if you are picking something of that sort, you must ensure that there is some harmony in the fragrances of all the major ingredients. You do not want to smell weird. If a perfume does not make harmony, it could end up being too sweet, too sour, or too bitter. Try to find a balance between sweet and sour for a perfect fragrance.

  1. Does it stain?

One last thing you must check before putting perfume in your shopping cart is that it must not stain. Often branded and expensive perfumes can leave a bad stain on your shirt. It is okay if the stain is light and becomes lighter within an hour, but if the stain is dark and even has a colour to it, you must not pick it.

In the case of Staining, this is a big NO even if the fragrance is great. So, carefully check before you buy it.


Everybody wants to smell nice. However, not everybody is aware of the fragrances that suit their personality. Neither they are aware of the fact how the kind of perfume you use help in shaping your personality. Nevertheless, follow the details mentioned above and go for perfume shopping.