New Year is celebrated on the 1st of January and is considered a national holiday around the world. People celebrate this day specifically because it marks the beginning of another twelve months. This day of the year offers a chance for everyone to start fresh. It allows one to look back and embrace the good memories of the past year and let go of the bad ones. It sparks new hope for the future, for the dreams to finally come true.

There are different ways of celebrating New Years’s Eve to make it a memorable experience. No matter in which style you decide to celebrate the New Year’s Eve, good food and a glass of wine is a must. A lot of people take it as a chance to gather with friends or family. Different people celebrate this time of the year differently. But what matters is that you celebrate it in some way that makes it memorable.

Here are some ways to celebrate your New Year to get the most out of this day and make it memorable:

  1. Travel to Your Favorite Place

There must be a place you have always imagined yourself to be. You could be attached to that place because of a story you read or a movie you watched as a kid. It can be any place! Paris or Vatican City. Istanbul or Sydney. If you end up wanting to go to Sydney, then you must buy Sydney New Year’s Eve 2019 tickets, because I can bet you would not wanna miss that. However, no matter where you plan to go, it will be worth it. You can look at the places where the best New Year’s Eve celebrations happen and plan accordingly.

  1. Sleepover With Your Friends

With studies or work, it can be difficult to spend quality time with your best friends. On New Year’s Eve, you can have a casual sleepover with them. Since friends are the people who know you the best, you can have some fun with them and also speak your heart out over a glass of champagne. A sleepover with friends will give you a chance to dance until you stop feeling your feet and talk about your New Year’s resolutions to make it a memorable day.

  1. Go Out to Watch Fireworks

Now this one is not something you should miss. No matter where you live, fireworks are an essential tradition of New Year’s Eve. So, whether you are spending that day with anyone or you are just alone, you should get out on the road or on your rooftop to watch the spectacular fireworks of that night. There is no wisdom to this but still what is New Year’s Eve without some fireworks?

  1. Have a Family Reunion

With time, you move out of your family’s house for practical reasons. Eventually, it becomes harder to stay connected with each family member. However, no matter what, your family is an important part of you and loves you the most. There is no better day for a reunion with your family other than the beautiful New Year’s Eve. You can cook dinner like you once used to, just to make sure that everyone’s favorite dish in on the table. You can later talk to them about your plans for the future so you can all feel connected again.

  1. Reinvent Jazz Age’s Party

Party is a common way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. How amazing would it be to give it a theme of an era which had the most sophisticated parties? Golden and black invitation cards, balloons, curtains, and confetti etcetera. Also, you can dress in those amazing knee length sequin dresses and put beautiful hairbands on your heads. You can add some jazz music to give it the original touch and enjoy your New Year with some expensive champagne.

  1. Go for a Hike

Yes, it is time you must skip the gym and treat your body with a different and more fun-filled exercise which will also be food for your mind and soul. A hike is such a treat! You can either opt for exploring the hills in your region or you can plan and go out to some other city for a nice long hike. Though going solo is amazing but since it is New Year, you might want to have a couple of close friends or your partner along with you to talk and laugh with during the time.

  1. Do a Bonfire

Who does not love an occasional bonfire with some great champagne? You can invite your friends over and light a bonfire with them. You can have your dinner around it, talk about your life and dreams. You can also have some fun time dancing, playing your favorite music, telling ghost stories, and playing some traditional games like truth and dare.

  1. Make Any Little Dream of Yours Come True

Apart from all the big dreams that are going to take a lot of time and effort, we do have little dreams. For example, I had a dream of reading my poetry in a pub which I fulfilled last New Year’s Eve. If you have a dream like that which you can do it in a minute, this is the time to be daring enough to do it. You might want to perform at a pub like me or you might want to ask someone out on whom you have had a crush on for months now. Or even if it is something as small as screaming with your friend in the middle of the street, just do it!

  1. Spend Some Time With Yourself

It is completely okay to not want to go out and party or have people around you. It might just look like an ordinary holiday with all the chaos. So, it is okay to spend time at home. You can still make it great. You can watch a movie, cook for yourself, cuddle with your pet, write a journal, make some plans for the upcoming year, sleep, clean your apartment and/or have a bottle of champagne all by yourself with your favorite music playing in the background.


Hopefully, with the above ideas, you can make your New Year’s Eve a memorable one. You don’t need a hefty sum of money to have great fun at New Year’s Eve. Sharing a simple Mac n Cheese with your loved one at home will suffice. Just remember, while celebrating the Eve, be safe and don’t drink and drive. Celebrating New Year’s Eve is great but you also have to behave responsibly too.