You’ve done enough research to confirm that planning a wedding is stressful. Though a celebration of love, the amount of time, money, and effort to make it a memorable moment is daunting. For couples planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic, however, the stress is multiplied. From social distancing and shelter in place orders to the limited availability of vendors and service providers, the additional obstacles prove challenging to overcome. 

That’s where innovations like wedding websites come in to play. Serving as a one-stop-shop digital platform for couples and guests, these sites offer a safe and affordable solution to planning a wedding despite current times. Here’s a closer look at how a wedding website might be beneficial to you during the pandemic. 

Wedding Planning Tools

Many wedding websites come with tools and resources that couples use to make arrangements. These tech solutions ultimately reduce the need to hire a wedding planner saving couples money. Brides-to-be have the advantage of wedding checklists and reminders that help them to stay on task. Additional databases provided by some wedding website hosts also give customers access to a list of available venues and vendors that are available amid the pandemic. It enhances safety by reducing the number of in-person trips couples would typically make. 

Virtual Information Center

Wedding guests need a lot of information. They need to know when the wedding is, where it will be held, what to wear, who to bring, what’s on the menu, and much more. Distributing all this information would generally require couples to send out several notices through the mail. During the pandemic, however, it’s a risky, time-consuming, and expensive process. 

A wedding website is a virtual information center. During the design process, couples can add details including the wedding date and time, location, venue directions, dress codes, reception menu options, RSVP info, wedding registries, and honeymoon plans. For an additional fee, some website hosts will also assist you in sending out digital invitations. Since all the information is uploaded to the site, the need to travel, pay for postage, make phone calls, and wait for mail-in responses is dramatically reduced. 

Real-Time Updates

You never know what could happen in the middle of a pandemic that could require you to change your wedding plans. The bride, groom, or someone close to the family could get sick, resulting in the need to change dates. A venue could go out of business or suffer from an outbreak and have to close down that causes you to change where you’ll be getting married.  A new travel restriction could mean you have to postpone or switch locations for your destination wedding or honeymoon. 

When these things happen, you need to be able to communicate this information to your guests immediately. A wedding website makes sending out notifications simpler. As all changes are done in real-time, guests are notified right away (and simultaneously). 

Save Money

The pandemic has also had an economic impact on many households across the country. Many are unemployed and struggling to survive. If you happen to be among those on a tighter budget, chances are you want to save as much as you can on your wedding. A wedding website does just that. As you can see from the benefits listed above, a well-designed site saves couples commutes, paper and print services, and postage. Not to mention, wedding websites are often free or very affordable. 

On a typical day, planning a wedding is overwhelming. When you throw a national pandemic into the mix, it seems all but impossible. Fortunately, there are tech innovations like wedding websites that provide solutions to many pandemic-related obstacles. Couples can now plan the wedding and reception of their dreams without compromising their health or their budgets. Find the right host and begin organizing a site that allows you to celebrate your love no matter what’s going on in the world.