Your air conditioner should be serviced with the change of each season. For air conditioning Provo have a tech perform routine maintenance when you switch from winter to spring and summer to fall. Keeping up with scheduled maintenance will prevent you from having any surprise issues.

If your AC does start to act up, contact a professional technician to service your air conditioner. Watch out for the following:

  1. A Sudden Increase in Your Utility Bill

A sudden jump in your energy bill with no logical explanation could be a sign of trouble. It could be that your air conditioning is drawing more power than normal, and if so, something is going wrong. There would be a blockage or a number of any other things that should be inspected immediately.

  1. Weak Air Flow

If you experience poor air flow, something isn’t right. The ducts could be clogged or the filters could need replacing. Filters should be changed every 3 months, so try changing them first, and if that doesn’t solve the issue, contact a professional to inspect your air conditioning in Provo.

  1. Stops Cooling

If your air conditioning isn’t cooling your home, there are several things that could be the issue. It could be the unit is low on refrigerant and requires a recharge, or it could be as simple as the coils needing cleaned. If you’re confident with powering down your AC and removing the exterior door, coil cleaning is something you can do yourself. But refrigerant will have to be added by a professional.

  1. AC Unit Sounds Different

If your unit starts to sound different or makes sounds that are strange, your AC needs to be inspected. It could be that there is a blocked vent or an issue with the blades or motor.

  1. The Room Becomes Humid

While humidity is normal, in your home while the AC is on, it’s not. If your home’s humidity levels start increasing, your AC unit could be low on refrigerant or the evaporator coil isn’t getting cool enough. Contact your air conditioning pro to find out the issue behind your high humidity levels.

You can help keep your air conditioning in Provo running smooth by changing filters every 3 months. Also, keep any grass and shrubs from growing out of control around your outside unit. And last, check with your local AC repair company to join a maintenance program to keep your AC in top shape as the seasons change.