Are you looking to enhance your outdoor space with a unique garden room? Garden pods offer many uses, whether you want to entertain friends, start a new hobby, or simply create the ultimate haven for relaxation. 

If you’re struggling to find a purpose for your garden pod, we’ve got a few suggestions that might kick start your inspiration!

Home Bar

Since a year of lockdowns forced us to find ways of ‘going out’ while staying in, home bars have become an increasingly popular option. With endless choices of size, style and materials, garden pods can be tailored to suit exactly what you imagine for your ultimate outdoor bar. 

Even though we can sit inside for drinks now (gasp!), many of us have become accustomed to the ease and enjoyment of hosting in our own houses or might remain a little anxious about integrating with large crowds. This is where turning a garden pod into a home bar comes in! 

You could choose a decorative theme or even change the decor with the seasons, and within a throwing distance of your home, garden pods have all the amenities you need. Plus, the drinks are a lot cheaper…

Separate from your house, a home bar feels like a separate world where you can leave your work and stress behind. 

By creating a space for entertaining outside of the house, you can keep this as an adult-only area where you can get some peace (or blast out your favourite music; it’s up to you). 

A home bar is also the perfect social space to entertain family and friends. Your garden pod bar can spill into your garden in the summer, creating the perfect fusion of indoor-outdoor living.

Become a gin connoisseur with your own selection of drinks, but don’t forget alcohol-free cocktails are always an option for hangover-free happiness!

Your Own Gym

Who hasn’t at some point dreamed of having their own state-of-the-art gym? Finally, away from sweaty strangers and overpriced monthly payments, you can create somewhere where you want to go and work out. 

With your very own equipment, you wouldn’t have to wait for space on a machine to open up, and you can forget having to use the communal showers.

When you’ve got a gym in your garden, there are no more excuses for not fitting in your workout! By cutting out the travel time, you can spend more time doing what you want to do. 

Whether you’d like a purpose-built yoga studio to refine your practice or even teach classes, home gyms allow you to give more time to your passion. 

A Hobby Room

Always wanted a pool table but not had space? Garden pods provide the opportunity to create the leisure area that you’ve wished for. 

Creating a hobby room in your garden is the perfect solution for the child-at-heart that wants to relive their favourite games. 

Your garden pod could become the perfect family room where you can come together and enjoy each other’s company in this intimate space. With the extra space, you could give your kids their own play den but still keep them in sight. Then, when playtime’s over, the mess is all out of sight and out of mind.

If you’re feeling musical, garden pods can be an excellent option for practising your instruments without the noise interruptions of your home. If you’re an artist, a maker or just a creative enthusiast, a garden pod dedicated to your craft is the perfect space to create that positive, inspired mindset. 

Custom built to your requirements, a garden pod could become a private recording studio. You can easily change materials to provide soundproofing, and with full insulation, garden pods are perfect for use all year round. 

You never know, it could be the start of something great – maybe even a side hustle! 

Dedicate More Space To The Things You Love

Being inventive with your garden pod and utilising the extra space can transform how you use your garden and create a whole new room in your house. 

With many of us living such busy lives, it’s essential to create spaces that allow you to relax. By incorporating your exercise, entertaining or downtime into your home routine, you can ensure that you’re making time to look after yourself.