Camouflage clothing is a new advancement in the field of hunting. Almost 50 years ago, people were unaware of the importance of camouflage clothing that they did make poor choices of owning camos. As a result, deer would run out of sight after seeing a visible threat. Now, the situation has drastically changed. With time, as the hunters realized the importance of camos, the markets and stores became filled with a variety of camos that even the veteran hunters experience a tough time in choosing an appropriate camo according to the location. You can choose an appropriate camo by analyzing your situation and asking yourself few simple questions. Why invest in quality hunting camo is a question often asked but choosing your very first camo will always be special and very important. 


Temperature is the key factor during hunting. It should be your utmost consideration. Camo clothing should match according to the temperatures you will be hunting in as cold weather requires insulated camouflage, and hot weather will demand lightweight clothes. In summers, you can opt for light pants, shirts, and jackets. Similarly, in winters you can opt for heavier and warm bottoms, tops, pants, and shirts. You can wear base layers and insulated jackets as well.

Essential Ghillie Suit

You might have seen ghillie suits in mobile games. There you dress them to deceive the enemy and blend with the surrounding environment. Similarly, ghillie suits are meant for hunting and secret combats in real life. Military snipers are best known to wear them. These can substitute all other clothing items if they are of good quality. Ghillie suits are best suitable for ground hunters who do not hunt from a tree stand. There are lightweight suits for summers and heavyweight for the winters. 


Camouflages are designed according to different terrains and landscapes. These contain a pattern that matches with the surrounding environment so that you easily blend with the environment. There are different camouflages according to height and land. If you hunt from a tree stand, then there is a special pattern for your camouflage. If you hunt on the ground, then your camouflage pattern should match with the vegetation and green grass. Therefore, terrain and the pattern play a crucial role in camouflage to blend better. 


Markets offer a variety of camo jackets that fit according to the season. Since jackets are the most visible and largest piece of your clothing, they must be in good camo clothing. Jackets keep you warm, but besides that good camo jackets will blend you in the trees. Otherwise, your torso will be quite prominent that will be easy to spot by a deer. Jackets are there for all seasons. Wear a lightweight good camo jacket in summers and a heavyweight jacket in winters. 

Choosing the first set of camouflage for deer hunting can be a very sensitive task. You definitely need prior research and guidance before going on a hunt with camouflage clothing. This can prove to be quite pivotal for your hunting activity. By considering the abovementioned aspects, you can blend well in the surroundings and hunt deer successfully.