Everyone has a budget, but that should not mean you have to compromise on your house’s cleanliness. While the modern vacuum cleaners come with several advanced features, you should check for a few ones when buying a low-cost one. The best cheap Hoover cleaners and other not so expensive machines come with plenty of benefits, resulting in easy and quick cleaning. 

Here are some factors you should check when you are buying a vacuum cleaner on a budget. 

1. Kind of Flooring

Even if you are buying a very affordable vacuum cleaner, it should still clean most of the typical floor types and surfaces. Hardwood flooring, concrete, tiles, and marbles are some of the most types of flooring. The suction mechanism should work on all of them. It should also be able to clean carpets, either on its own or with a unique suction head like a brush roll. 

Most canister style vacuum cleaners clean all kinds of surfaces. As an added advantage, you could look for a floor brush with a rotating head so that you could maneuver it beneath the furniture and into tight corners. 

2. Battery Life

If you are looking for an affordable vacuum cleaner, the chances are that it will not have a very long battery life. Nevertheless, check that you could use it for at least 30 to 40 minutes on a full charge, especially if you want to clean the whole house. If the timing is less than that, you will have to place it on charge by stopping your cleaning mid-way. Alternately, you could look for vacuum cleaners with cords. There are plenty of varieties in this category if you are on a budget. You won’t have to worry about the charge depleting. However, make sure you have a plug point in each room, or the cord is long enough. 

3. Filtration

An ideal vacuum cleaner should have HEPA filtration to suck dust and allergens to the maximum capacity. Indoor air is about two to five times more polluted than the outdoor air in 90% of the cases. 

Make sure that your vacuum cleaner has HEPA filtration. If you are looking for a low-cost machine, you can compromise on other areas like the cleaner’s looks or the number of accessories it has, but not on the filtration capacity. The HEPA filters can clean particles 0.3 microns in size, and the machines use a sealing technology to prevent any dirt from leaking. 

4. Intensity of Cleaning

It will help if you choose a vacuum cleaner based on the intensity of cleaning you want. Low-cost vacuum cleaners handle daily cleaning tasks quite well. However, if you have a pet at home, the vacuum cleaner can fill up very quickly. So it would help if you opted for the cleaner, which has the largest possible dirt capacity in your budget. Or else you would have to keep emptying your cleaner now and then. You would end up buying more bags for regular cleaners. Or, in the case of bagless ones, you would be frequently exposed to flying dirt particles when you are emptying the machine. 

5. Additional Accessories

A low-cost vacuum cleaner will not have many accessories, but you should make sure that it still has all the basic ones so that you can get the best possible cleaning on a budget. 

Low-cost machines also tend to be a little heavier- they are not as sleek and light as the high-cost varieties. It is why you need the accessories to get adequate cleaning without having too much trouble cleaning without being worried about the bulk or weight of the machine. The accessories will prevent you from bending or leaning too much when you clean the nooks and crevices.

With these factors, you will be able to choose the best and cheap Hoover vacuum cleaners or any other low-cost vacuum cleaner without compromising on your home’s health and hygiene.