As a blogger, gaining a larger following is always the biggest mission. We go after this through a number of different channels, from promoted posts to community management. These methods can be tedious and mind numbing, which can be especially draining if we’re not landing any bites. Yet, that’s why changing up your approach to guest blogging can be an excellent solution.

Not only will you gain more authority as a blogger, but you’ll additionally be everywhere that the companies you blog for are. However, knowing where to find these clients can be tough, which is why I’m offering a few local examples to get started with. Check them out below:

Home Renovation

If you can believe it or not, home renovation is an industry that absolutely needs quality content. Anything from covering bathroom solutions to how to install a deck is topics often looked up. And while people might look at this content and say “oh, I could do that myself” they’ll quickly learn that a contractor is going to be a necessity at some point.

Start looking around your local community to see if any contractors could use a better onlinepresence. Focus on residential starting out, as it’ll be much more attainable for them to gain clients, with the eventual goal of commercial on the horizon. Additionally, if you haven’t already, start looking into best practices for SEO that you can share as well. Overall, home renovation is a great avenue to go down if you’re looking for new clients that bring a high-value for the content you can partner on.

Craft Beer

The craft beer boom has been extending to the blogosphere as well, which is a great place to capitalize on. With so many different types of breweries and offerings, if you’re a beer nerd, then this is the perfect avenue to partner with. According to The Brewers Association, national craft beer sales have skyrocketed to $23.5 billion, which is nearly 25 percent of the total beer market share. This means that a lot of these breweries are growing at a rate where some content marketing would be beneficial, which is where you can step in.

If you already have some favorite breweries in your area, then it might be beneficial to reach out and see what they might be looking for in content. Try brainstorming some mini-series or specialties, as this is a space that’s still early to market. As more breweries grow, the competition is only getting more fierce, which is more money for you.


Most people would agree they could use some extra help with their money, which is a place where bloggers thrive. Whether it be looking at balance transfers or advice about investments, people that can offer insights into these categories can gain some serious traffic. And while there are certain legal standpoints you should be mindful regarding financial advice, this industry can be excellent to enter into. See if there are any meetups in your area for finance or even companies that sponsor events. Who knows? If you can pitch yourself well, then making some extra money off this approach is a shoe-in.


One industry that’s been dominating the blogging game has to be fashion. Perhaps one of the most sought-after categories by fans, this is a mammoth of an industry. According to Fashionunited, the global apparel market is worth approximately $3 trillion, which even getting a microscopic slice of that could mean a world of a difference.

When approaching fashion, aim towards either starting a publication strictly for it or going after more popular platforms that allows for posts. If you choose the former, then having an amazing brand is going to be a must, as the companies you’re aiming to partner with have a high brand-equity. Additionally, try to go after more up-and-coming firms, especially those that have been gaining some press. If you have a passion for style, then this is a rewarding route to go.


Finally, with so many different specialties in law, going after law firms can be a great strategy to gain more partners. As studying law is a big investment regarding a career path, these folks are willing to pay for a larger customer base, where a lot of them look at content as a huge benefit to have. As noted by Capterra, firms that had video on their page saw an increase in 157 percent more organic traffic.

Why is that the case? Because while giving a potential client peace of mind with their blog posts, they reel them in when it comes to going to court. Try and see if there’s a specialty in law for you to cover, as well as if any firms around you specialize in that, as this is in constant need.


What are some industries you’ve been successful in blogging for? Comment with your answers below!