Are you updating your window treatments and flooring? Doing these things can freshen up your home, and even add value to it.

But choosing these items can be challenging. There are so many products to choose from in each category, each with many pluses and minuses.

So we’ll cover 6 must-knows when choosing window treatments and flooring. First, we will deal with a couple must-knows common to both items.

  1. Consult An Expert

Window treatments – Measuring for window treatments can be tricky. It’s not as straightforward as most measurements. Most home improvement centers and window treatment specialists can arrange for free to have a person come to your home to measure your windows. And the measurements for drapes will be much different than that of blinds or shades.

Flooring – even if you are familiar with flooring, talk to a knowledgeable salesperson. New flooring products are constantly emerging, many of which are vast improvements over your current flooring. With the help of an expert contractor like Concrete Contractors Las Vegas, you can achieve the perfect flooring of your dreams.

A quick caution about providing your own measurements: If the company uses yours, and something goes wrong with the install or the product, the company is not obliged to replace or fix the problem.

  1. Ask Questions

Window treatments – since the window treatment process can be tricky, make sure you understand everything. If something is fuzzy to you, don’t assume. Ask the sales rep or the installer for help.

Flooring – here too are many aspects that you should understand. If you’re not sure if a certain choice of flooring can be installed over an existing one, check with the rep. You don’t want the contractor to arrive and discover that your existing floor will not accommodate the new product.

  1. What Kind of Window Treatment Do You Need?

There’s a lot to consider here. Do you need light blockage because you’re a day sleeper? Are you looking for something you can open part way to let some light in without drawing in too much heat?

The more specific you are about your actual needs, the better choice you can make in a product.

  1. Do I Need All the Bells and Whistles On My Window Treatments?

The latest models of blinds and shades include motorized, remote control operation. If you’re technologically challenged, having that feature may seem intimidating if you’ve been accustomed to drapes with a drawstring for a long time.

However, your window treatment consultant should be willing to walk you through it if you feel adventurous to try it.

  1. What Kind of Flooring Would Be Best?

No matter what type of product you have in your existing floor, there could be numerous possibilities concerning where you could go from here.

For example, if your laminate floor was severely water damaged, then you obviously would want a water resistant product like sheet vinyl or vinyl plank. Keep in mind too that if your subfloor is porous, like particle board, it’s highly likely that it was water damaged too. So that would have to be torn out with your old flooring as well.

Maybe you’re considering an accent rug for the new floor when it’s done. Then here are common rug sizes to consider for your space.

  1. In Stock or Special Order

You can most often get a decent in stock product for a decent price. But if you want to special order something for your home, keep in mind that it will cost more and take longer to deliver. The cost difference between the two can be vast.


Window treatments and flooring are necessary to bring a home to life. If you remember these 6 must-knows, you should have success in having the right products installed in your home.