Did you know that only 25% of Americans say they are working their dream job?

Whether you want to pursue your interests in a professional setting or as a hobby, everyone is entitled to enjoying their passions.

Kickstarting a passion project can appear challenging, but it’s less difficult if you take it step by step!

Keep reading below to learn how to get your passion project up and running!

1. Secure Funding

Before you can get your project up and running, you have to secure the appropriate funds for it.

It’s wise to set aside a little money when you can to have as savings for your passion project. However, not everyone has time to build up kick-starter money.

If you’re entitled to something like settlement payments, you might consider selling them in order to get some extra money for your project. Checking out the Rightway Funding Facebook page will show you that it’s less difficult than it sounds!

2. Outline Your Passion Project

Once you have a bit of money set aside, you can get started with planning your project.

While it is appealing to jump right into your project, you may find you lose momentum if you hit an unexpected roadblock along the way.

In order to keep yourself on track, it’s critical that you outline your project before you get started. Research as needed and create an outline that maps milestones and mini-goals within your project.

3. Taste Test With Materials

If you’re worried that you’ll get started on your passion project only to fall out of love with it, do a bit of taste testing before you dive in headfirst.

The best way to do this is by making a mini investment into materials. Shopping for basic materials will give you an idea of what type of work will go into your project and what items you’ll need.

Ideally, shopping for project materials will get you more excited about your project. If not, revisit what about your project is alluring and tap into those elements more before continuing.

4. Create a Schedule

You can decide to put off starting your project today with the promise that you’ll definitely start it tomorrow…but will you really?

It’s easy to come up with a project idea, but many people struggle to commit to their projects.

To avoid procrastinating on your project or never starting it at all, make an effort to dedicate time each day to your project. Working on it a little bit each day will make it a part of your everyday life, and it will also make it easier to track your progress.

5. Avoid Burnout

A passion project can easily tank if you get burned out. While it’s important to make a passion project part of your routine, make sure it doesn’t take over completely.

If you find yourself growing frustrated with your project, take a step back. You might have to find a different angle from which to approach it in order to keep your interest afloat.

If you find your interests changing and growing as you progress, revise your outline! Chances are, your project’s growth will mimic and align with your personal growth.

6. Seek Out Support

Tackling a passion project is extremely fulfilling, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

Test your finished products and services on friends and family. Build an emotional support team to help you cross hurdles while you carry out your project.

If your passion project is more business-aligned, seek out a professional support network. Finding others who are working on similar projects will give you new ideas and fresh support. If possible, find a mentor who has already found success with the same type of endeavor.

Get Started

Life is too short to waste our time on things we aren’t passionate about. With the guide above, you can get started working on your passion project today!

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