Every beer enthusiast had a unique introduction to beer. It could be a sip from dad or the cheap liquor in college. The beer gave you an introduction to alcohol and how you enjoy it now. Beer is a comfort food that comes in liquid form. Plus, tastes evolve and expand over time. How do you enjoy taking your beer? Do you prefer it by the bottle or the https://teslyar.com/collections/beer-mugs-accessories? Since there is a right and wrong way to drink your beer. It is possible to go overboard if you have no idea how to enjoy it in its best way. In this article are different ways you can enjoy your beer. 

1. Go for beer tasting

Even when you have a favorite beer, it is okay to find new options that you may try and may end up to be what suits you. Go to a brewery tour in your locality and get the opportunity to learn about new flavors and sample a few of them but do not overindulge. When you go for the tasting, you will get a guide of beer qualities and flavors you can try out. Plus, you can decide to host your beer tasting at home, and you and your friends may end up getting new favorites. 

2. Brew it yourself 

Why not brew your beer that you can enjoy with friends? Today, there are various home brewing kits for brewers of every experience level. Plus, they have a list of all ingredients you need and the instructions you need to get your brew right. Go for the best and most relatable homebrew starter kit, do your research right and do trial and error before brewing a lot of it. After some time, being a newbie, it will turn into your new favorite hobby. 

3. Drink beer with great food 

First, it is not wise to fill your stomach with sub-par food as you drink. And second, it is never a good idea to drink while on an empty stomach. Also, if you are hosting friends at your place, you can check out the best beer and food pairings and get a great idea of what you can prepare. For instance, many beer connoisseurs recommend having your lagers with pork, chicken, and seafood. While fruit beers with foods with a lot of spices and herbs

4. Pair it with another drink 

Have you ever tried beer with a shot of whiskey? Pairing it this way is a great way to unwind, as beer may not be the only alcoholic beverage you prefer. Plus, you can get to try out delicious cocktails that are beer-based that are refreshing, such as beeritas, snake bites, and the famous michelada that is a Mexican cocktail of spicy-sweet refreshment. 

5. Play a drinking game 

College may be in the past for some of us, but you can still enjoy a drinking game with your friends. Choose drinking games that suit you as an adult instead of playing the old beer pong. Plus, today their many social drinking games that you can try out. A game that you can try that is fun and is a great ice breaker where you play as a group is “Never have I ever.”

6. Search great beer abroad 

Every country has beer and each have their spin to it. Although there are imports, the best way to experience their beer is to try one when you travel there. For instance, when you visit Tokyo, you are spoilt for choice with the tons of bars there. While taking a tour in Montreal is best to check out the many breweries that they have. Enjoy your beer by trying new beer brands while you travel instead of drinking the usual. 

7. Enjoy with friends 

One thing that is consistent with beer is it gets better when you drink with friends. No matter what you are eating, where you are, or what you are doing. Plus, conversations come easy after a couple of beers. Whether you are out with new friends or your best pals, as you open your beer, ensure that you have good company around. So Get Sunset and enjoy your beer.