Remodeling your kitchen could cost about $25,015. Think about how much you’ll get out of it, though! In addition to adding value to your home, upgrading your kitchen can make it the new spot where you can bond as a family.

Before you start spending, however, it helps to have a plan.

Here are seven amazing kitchen renovation ideas you can use for your next remodeling project. With these tips, you can plan a remodeled kitchen on a budget—and still discover the kitchen of your dreams.

Get renovating with these seven tips!

1. Use Your Wall Space

Kitchen remodeling accounted for 78% of all renovation projects last year. In fact, kitchen renovation projects are the second-most popular type of home renovations.

When planning a remodeled kitchen on a budget, many homeowners look to maximize their space.

Start by utilizing your walls. You want your kitchen to offer functionality as well as add beauty to your home. There are many ways you can utilize your wall space.

First, consider adding a metallic strip you can hang steel kitchen knives from. You can also incorporate hooks throughout the walls. If you have an island, consider adding a hanging shelf for pots and pans there, too.

Maximizing your space will turn a small kitchen remodel project into a chance to discover new space!

2. Add Backsplash

You can also upgrade your walls by adding a backsplash.

For example, you can add tin tiles to add a little light to a lackluster-looking kitchen. Try to choose a design that’s fun and creative. Backsplash is easy to clean, making it ideal for any kitchen space.

It’s also available in many finishes. Choose the one that looks best with your appliances.

3. Install new kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, and the most visible furniture in your kitchen is your kitchen cabinets. As important as the kitchen is, you want it to feel like a warm and welcoming room. Installing new, modern kitchen cabinetry will bring new life to your kitchen and make you feel more organized.

4. Find New Faucets

Faucets can get old and worn over the years. A new faucet is an easy kitchen upgrade that again adds both function and beauty to the room.

It can also reduce your energy use with a new filter, such as the ones available at

5. Expose the Walls

If you’re bored with your old cabinets, get rid of them! Instead, expose the walls with open-space shelving.

Bulky shelves can make your already small kitchen shrink. By removing them, you can show off your beautiful glasses and plates. In the meantime, you’re also adding air to the room.

6. Add New Light

Does your kitchen still feel dark? Try adding creative lighting throughout the room. For example, you can place stick-on lights beneath your shelves.

Lights that don’t require electrical work are perfect for a remodeled kitchen on a budget.

7. Switch the Surfaces

Are your countertops looking worn out? Get rid of them! Switch to new marble countertops.

A white surface can give your kitchen a clean look.

8. Add New Appliances

New appliances can make or break your kitchen remodeling project. Make sure the colors and finishes complement the rest of the room.

Cooking Up a Beautiful Reno: 8 Easy Kitchen Renovation Projects

Cook up a beautiful new kitchen! With these seven easy kitchen renovation projects, it’s easier than ever! Discover your beautiful new kitchen with these tips.

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