The casino itself had a significant breakthrough in the online world only recently. An offline land-based casino, the game of chances, betting, and what not have histories hundreds of years. Human, being a risk-taker from the very beginning of evolution, it is no surprise they would try out their lucks, play with uncertainty once in a while. No matter it is legal or illegal, you will find casinos in every region.

However, the scenario was very different on the internet. It is easier to find, track, and close illegitimate businesses. Casino using real-life money came into being in the year 1996. In 1994, Antigua and Barbuda became the first nation to pass the law and give out licenses for online casinos. Recently, just at the end of the year 2017, Pennsylvania legalized online gambling. If you are new and want to make a head start in the online casinos there, make your way to bet-pa. You will get an accumulation of many promo codes, including, for the coveted Hollywood Casino.

Passing of the Bill

In 2004, Pennsylvania took a big step, a decision that helped change the casinos as we see today. Through passing Act 71, the state-approved establishing casino. Now, it is just the 2nd highest-earning state from legalized gambling, after Nevada, of course. Then came the era of online gambling, if you are not in the loop, know this, now, online gambling counts for a quarter of total gambling proceedings.

This was before COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent lockdown hit. Imagine how it is growing during this time! Pennsylvania’s administration understood the potential very well, and Governor Tom Wolf signed the bill H 271 in 2017. 

Start of the Online Casino

The moment finally came in July 2019. That day the first-ever online casino site opened based on Pennsylvania. The H 271 Act, authorized establishment of Online Poker, Online Casino table games, and slots, Online Sports Betting, Online Lottery, Daily Fantasy Sports, Tablet gaming at airports, Video gambling terminals at truck stops, and mini-casinos.

All of the proceedings are controlled by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB). This step didn’t go without bringing in fortunes. In the first month, July 2019, the casinos earned a whopping USD 0.8 Million. Technically, the casinos started on July 15, so these profits came in with half months of operating. An unbelievable 49 million dollars was exchanged through them. From all these, the state earned more than $350k!!

Current State

Pennsylvania became the 4th state, after Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware to have online gambling. Now, it is the 2nd largest earner. It is also the most populous state to have both online and offline gambling. There are currently over 13 authorized online casinos in PA.

All of the online casinos are actually affiliated to a land-based casino, and the money is processed through them. So, no concern for the safety of your wagered money. The state earns around 54% tax from the online slots, which is the highest in all the states.

Table games and Poker, on the other hand, give out 16% and 36% taxes, respectively. Also, all of the online casinos have separate servers, and you can’t play alongside your buddies residing in other states. The Good news, however, is the live casino has finally started in the PA.

Final Words

You may be a bit disheartened for some strict rules in Pennsylvania, and higher cost than in other states. Still, remember this, PA is the 2nd largest state with most population to have an online casino, developers will bring you the best just for the competition and opportunity here. With the online casino growing now, more than ever, expect a handful of exciting news coming along your way.