If you are looking to get a hit of nicotine but you don’t want to do so through the more traditional route of smoking there are some options for you. Many like the stimulation that they get from nicotine and others use nicotine as a way to give up smoking. Nicotine is not harmless, but it is nothing close to being as harmful as the carcinogens, carbon monoxide and the tar which comes with smoking. 

Regardless of whether you are looking to give up smoking or simply enjoy the stimulation of nicotine, here are some ways in which you can get your hit.


Snus has been used throughout the ages in Scandinavia in particular and the use of it has very much been engrained into the culture, especially in Sweden. Snus is a smokeless form of tobacco which usually comes in powder form. The snus is placed beneath the lip and the nicotine then absorbs into the body. There is a wide range of options in terms of flavors and products such as the On! nicotine patches now come in a range of flavors such as mint, coffee and licorice. These all white nicotine pouches are discreet, tasty and offer a great experience for those who wish to get a hit of nicotine or enjoy the action of taking snus.


Nicotine patches were designed for those who are quitting smoking, and the idea behind them is to gradually reduce the body dependance on nicotine. Unlike a product such as snus, the patches offer a slow release nicotine to the user. Patches should be considered as exclusively for those looking to quit as the speed of the release is such that there is no ‘hit’ to be had. Patches are worn all day every day and then the strength of the patch will be reduced at the end of each week, before stopping using them altogether.


Vaping is an option for both those who are looking to stop smoking cigarettes and for those who are looking to enjoy a hit of nicotine. These products use a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge filled with nicotine-rich liquid. When the product is ‘smoked’ the heat produced pushes vapor through the stem of the vape pen or cigarette, and mimics the sensation and the action of smoking a cigarette. We are still learning more about the potential health benefits or risks associated with vaping but it is broadly understood that it is significantly healthier than smoking cigarettes. For those who are quitting, vaping can be a good step to take as it not only provides nicotine, which can be reduced through vaping lighter products, but also repeats the action of cigarette smoking. 


Our final option for you is to look into chewing nicotine gum. These products do offer slow release of nicotine but not to the extent which patches do. For those looking to give up smoking this is a convenient option which also helps with the oral fixation of smoking cigarettes. There is also a hit which chewing nicotine gum provides. 

These are your best options for consuming nicotine without smoking.