Whether you’re hunting deer, hogs, or other game, you want the best possible ammunition for a successful hunt. Bullets from Berger are some of the best on the market, and they’re especially well-suited for hunting. At a glance, they are thinner than traditional ammunition, which means they can penetrate between two and three inches before rapidly expanding. This ensures that they don’t implode before penetrating the target, and also makes for cleaner kills. The bullets are also manufactured from the highest quality copper and lead, which further enhances their performance. Berger Bullets from Powder Valley are designed to perform in a wide range of conditions, and they’ve been tested extensively to make sure they live up to their reputation. We’ve put together additional reasons why these bullets are ideal for hunting:


These bullets are known for their precision engineering. This means that they are purpose-built to meet the demands of long-range shooting, and they have also been tested in a variety of other conditions to make sure that they can perform as advertised. They have been shown to expand fully and penetrate deeply even when the target is as far away as 70 yards, making them a go-to choice for a variety of shooters.

Penetration & Expansion

Bullets from Berger are designed for deep penetration and maximum expansion. Since they’re thinner than traditional bullet jackets, these bullets are known to break apart, fragmenting within the target in a reliable, yet repeatable manner. Reportedly, once the bullet hits the animal, it penetrates 2-3 inches before expanding, which leaves a devastating wound result.

Built and Shaped for Efficiency

Berger Bullets are secant ogive shaped, which means that they have a sharp point and a sleek profile. This design provides several benefits for shooters. First, the sharp point increases the Ballistic Coefficient (BC), resulting in better long-range accuracy. The sleek profile also reduces drag, which further increases the Bullets’ effectiveness at long range. In addition, the secant ogive design makes the Bullets more stable in flight, resulting in more consistent accuracy. For these reasons, these bullets are a popular choice among competitive shooters and long-range hunters.

Accuracy & Reliability

The company boasts of using the highest quality copper and lead available to manufacture their bullets. Overall, hunters are advised to maintain a projectile velocity of at least 1800fps to ensure the rapid expansion that the company is known for. That being said, the bullets can still be effective at lower velocities. However, once it begins to slow down, the resulting wound channels will also reduce. Nonetheless, there’s still no denying the accuracy and reliability of Bullets from Berger. The combination of deep penetration and maximum expansion also means that the animal will be quickly and humanely dispatched. There’s less chance of a long, drawn-out death with these bullets, which is always the goal when hunting.


Bullets from Berger have a well-deserved reputation for being accurate and reliable, and they’re especially well-suited for hunting. With precision engineering, deep penetration, and maximum expansion, they offer everything you need for a successful hunt. Whether you are looking for a long-range bullet or one that will perform well in close quarters and high velocities, these bullets should be at the top of your list.