With the global COVID-19 pandemic moving into the fall season and restrictions easing, visitation is expected to slowly recover. The question is, what does the comeback mean for rental properties designed for travelers, and which type of accommodation is the most ideal option? Here’s a look at what you need to know about two popular types of accommodation for travelers—Airbnb homes and corporate housing units—according to travel expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently published article.

A Look At Airbnb

As a general rule of thumb, Airbnb hosts may offer full listings but rent these listings out only during certain seasons. Then, they live in their properties during the other seasons. Thus, if you choose an Airbnb property on your next business or personal trip, you’ll essentially be experiencing your local destination just as a fellow local would. After all, you’ll be residing in somebody’s actual home. This places more of a focus on providing an immersive experience rather than providing a professional, productive space.

A Look At Corporate Housing

According to Brian Ferdinand, corporate housing companies are alternatives to Airbnb for both leisure and business travelers. Although the idea of corporate housing is not new, its benefits among travelers were apparent during the pandemic, and they remain on display following the thick of the pandemic.

For instance, Ferdinand, who is the managing partner of CorpHousing Group, said that firms such as CorpHousing Group provide unique benefits to guests who are specifically seeking luxury apartments. These accommodations are fully furnished and come with plenty of amenities so that guests can enjoy the comforts of home right in their temporary homes.

In addition, his company’s chief value propositions include trust, service, and safety—three values that are generally not possible to find in Airbnb units. In other words, his corporate housing firm places extra emphasis on making sure that its guests feel secure and satisfied from the moment that they set foot in their rental units to the moment they leave.

Criminal background checks on renters are furthermore standard among top corporate housing firms, such as CorpHousing Group. However, Airbnb has lax policies related to background checks, and these policies open property owners to vandalism and theft problems. This indicates that corporate housing offers unique benefits not only to guests but also landlords seeking the best scenario for managing their own short-term rental properties. And with that, it makes sense why corporate housing remains popular in the traveling industry today, according to Ferdinand.

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