This pandemic has been a tough time not only for us adults but also for children. Instead of exploring the world and learning new things outside, we are all required to stay at home to keep ourselves safe and to avoid COVID-19 from spreading. We may lose patience, but we can’t do anything but follow the guidelines being imposed by the government. This lockdown made us do things that we were not into before. We cook more often at home, started planting, organising our home, and more. 

But when it comes to our kids, it’s a bit tricky to think of ways to keep them busy during these times. Here’s how you can keep them engaged.  

Always start the day with a lovely and lively breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a healthy breakfast will give you and your children enough energy to do all tasks throughout the day. Eat breakfast with them, and make the eating fun. Since we have all the time, let them enjoy their meal and do not rush them to finish it. Tell them interesting stories while eating, or you can ask them what they want to do for the day. This will help them stay focused even while staying at home.

Make a calendar for your daily activities

Kids easily get bored if they do the same thing over and over again, so try to make a daily plan of activities. You can schedule activities that you want to do with them. On Monday, they will help you with your household chores. Tuesday, play basketball. Wednesday, have a movie marathon with them. Thursday, have camping with them in the backyard, and so on. Scheduling your plans will help you be reminded of what you need to do. During this quarantine, doing fun activities is not only for the kids but for you, as well. 

Give them time to play

Your children will only be kids once, so even though you want them to be as productive as they can be during this pandemic, make sure that you give them their time to enjoy playing. Let them enjoy their time playing with their toys and anything that they are interested in. If you think they are no longer having fun with their toys, try getting them new ones. If they are used to playing with toy cars or stuffed toys, try getting them Playmobil City Life, which will surely make them happy. 

Everyone is greatly affected by this COVID-19 situation, but we must keep going. We should know how to embrace everything and push ourselves to move forward even though things may be hard at times. Our kids should not stop learning and enjoying their youth. Help them get through these tough times, but never forget to let them enjoy the moment. Take this opportunity to build a strong and lovely relationship with them.