Did you know that you cannot just buy any old holster for your gun? Depending on the make and model of your firearm, you need to ensure that it fits securely into the holster for maximum security and comfort. The correct holster is not just there to hold your gun when you are not using it; it also keeps it accessible if you do need to draw it without encountering a misfire. Here are some of the top styles of holster and how you might best use them.

gun holster

Thumb-Break Holsters

Thumb-break holsters are frequently used by law enforcement officers. The “thumb-break” is a retaining strap which fits over the end of the gun when in the holster and prevents the weapon being drawn by an unauthorised person. Thanks to this feature; it is clear to see why law enforcement prefer this style of holster.

What’s more, this type of holster is frequently paired with an exact molding so you have every certainty that your gun is safe and secure when holstered. If you are searching for a new holster to use in your line of work; think about whether you need to buy custom duty holsters.

Purse Holsters

Did you know that you can get purses with holsters concealed inside them? These are perfect for ladies in your life who are fully certified for concealed carry.

The major problem with most of the concealed body carry equipment is that it does not fit well beneath women’s clothing and can look very bulky. What is the point of concealed carry if the average person can see the holster? This is where the purse comes in. The holster is designed to keep the gun safe and secure in a separate compartment while the personal effects are all in a different one.

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are the classic concealed carry holster which we are all used to seeing on detectives in cop shows. One of the big advantages to shoulder holsters is the comfort. You throw it on and it fits comfortably around your shoulders and back. This means that you are free to go about your day without worrying about your holster gun getting in the way of your activities.

Ankle Holsters

This type of holster is great if you wish to conceal a smaller firearm about your person. While not the best for very tall or particularly inflexible carriers, it is still preferred as a great way to carry a secondary weapon. Make sure you have the right clothing to properly conceal the gun and also ensure that you practice drawing it as it can be a little trickier than some of the other holsters in your collection.

These are just some of the holsters available on the market for you. Whatever you choose to buy, make sure that it fits well with your lifestyle and clothing preferences. Remember to also practice drawing your weapon; a quick release is one of the key parts of a holster! Hopefully you can find the perfect one for you soon!