Running a restaurant can be difficult because so many elements of the business can be chaotic: there are sharp knives and scorching temperatures in the kitchen, potentially demanding or hard to please clientele, and things to juggle when managing teams of waiters, bussers and cooks.

Thankfully, there is modern technology like employee scheduling software specifically designed to help restaurateurs run their restaurant. Read on to learn more about how it works.

Incredible Schedules, Faster

One of the essential restaurant management skills involves making sure that your staff are free to fulfill their responsibilities, and they can’t be expected to get work done when they’re too busy with secondary tasks like creating a schedule. Employee scheduling software lets them concentrate on their primary tasks by creating schedules up to 80% faster than it would otherwise take.

Aside from making this cumbersome task way faster and less annoying to complete, the saved time results in a reduction of labor expenses of up to 3%. This is historically one of the biggest drains on a restaurant’s budget.

Manager Log Books

It’s impossible to run a restaurant unless you know the ins and outs of every part of the business, and employee scheduling software makes this simple. The manager-facing log books present statistics of every kind clearly, and in a way that’s easy to compare against past stats.

Labor costs, total sales, labor as a percentage and more are there right out of the box, and it’s easy to custom track statistics of unique importance to your restaurant.

Because the logs are cloud-based, they get updated in real time, they’re accessible from anywhere, and they’re impossible to lose. Managers and executives can track the economic health of each restaurant location.

In addition to hard stats about the business side of things, the logs also have detailed attendance reports and first-hand feedback from your employees containing their insights written after each shift.

Whenever a shift is over, they get prompted to rate and describe how they think it went in their own words; this combination of stats and anecdotal descriptions gives decision-makers a truly aerial view of the whole restaurant operation.

Stay Connected On the Go

Employee scheduling software keeps all staff connected in ways that are truly efficient and time saving. There are handy chat features to facilitate dialogues between big groups, or any number of smaller groups as needed.

When managers simply need to inform the whole staff or a smaller group of something, they can send an “announcement” the employees receive on their phone but can’t respond to — this way, they get the information they need right away and the communication will never be bogged down by unnecessary responses.

It’s never been easy to run a restaurant, but get the modern tools available to help like employee scheduling software and you’ll see: it’s the key to making so many moving pieces suddenly fall into place.

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