There are many different tools and software programs that small businesses need to use these days. In fact, the number of useful tools grows regularly, as the likes of business collaboration software, video conferencing and cloud computing all become essential choices.

Yet, some of the very best types of software remain the classic programs that companies have already been using for years. In this category, the ever-popular Microsoft Excel gives you some terrific benefits that you won’t want to miss out on.

To Save Time

By using Excel to automate your processes you can save a lot of time. There are loads of different functions that you can use to add up number, to work out averages, to calculate loan rates and a lot more.

If you choose the right functions then this can remove many of the mundane, repetitive tasks from your week. Once the formulae are correctly set up and have been tested then it is simply a case of punching in the relevant data and then letting the software work its magic.

This means that you can make the use of Excel part of your everyday processes. There are many different ways of using this software to save time, so it is worth looking at all of your current process and seeing whether there is any benefit in switching to Excel.

To Cut Out Silly Mistakes

In any small business, little errors can turn out to be hugely costly. Adding up the cost of an order wrong, forgetting to add on VAT and other errors can have a big impact on your annual profits. Of course, your team are only human and there is every chance that manual calculations sometimes go wrong

The good news is that by using Excel you greatly reduce the risk of these mistakes costing you money. The first step is to set up the formula that you need and then check it thoroughly to be sure that it works well.

After that, it is just a question of typing in the data each time. If this is done carefully then the end result is always going to be something that you can trust completely. There is no need to work out the details manually when you can do it automatically instead for guaranteed results. 

To Allow New Staff to Settle In Easily

It is also worth bearing in mind how Excel can make life easier for your team. Many people have taken Excel Courses London and are comfortable using this software. Other people have picked it up through use and can at least do the basics.

This means that it is a software tool everyone in your business can probably use. This is a great help, as you won’t rely on just one member of staff to control all of your Excel documents.

It also means that newcomers to the team can fit in a lot more easily. If they already know how to use Excel then there is nothing to stop them from getting started right away and feeling as though they are contributing from day one.

To Share Information Easily

Excel also offers us an easy way of sharing information. If you need to send out a quote to a client or share details with your team a spreadsheet is the ideal way of doing this.

You can send Excel documents by email, upload them to the cloud or even create a spreadsheet online using Google Sheets, which is almost identical to Excel. All of this means that you can make sure that the right people get to see the facts and figures in the quickest way possible.