Are you a new investor willing to take on some risk and diversify your portfolio with potentially lucrative assets? Then consider the below suggestions to add to your portfolio:

Individual Company Stocks

Buying stocks individually from companies is one of the easiest ways to invest. The advantage here is that investors don’t have to pay management fees or any similar charges associated with indexes or mutual funds. Rather, the investor manages his or her own finances. Anyone can buy individual stocks from companies if they have the cash. The prices will dramatically vary depending on the company you are looking at. If you want to invest in a massive and flourishing corporation like Apple or Google, the stocks may cost you several hundred dollars. There are very cheap stocks available for startups that are still getting off the ground. Regardless of the amount you pay, you should first do a thorough background check and a risk analysis before buying stock in bulk. Always weigh the potential rewards of stocks against the risk. If you think a stock might crash in the coming years, don’t buy it now and hope to sell. As Warren Buffet advises, buy individual company stocks with the intention of holding on in long-term for the best payouts. Make sure to check the best stocks to buy today to get the best results.


Legal weed has been all over the news lately. Thanks to decriminalization efforts across the states and polls showing massive public support for legalization, the best marijuana stocks are rising in price. This is an excellent sector to consider investing in right now. Because there’s no federal law decriminalizing cannabis, the marijuana stock prices remain low. The idea is that a potential future legalization process could send the stock prices through the roof. That is still a risky venture to consider, given that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is firmly against legal recreational pot. Medical marijuana is safer than recreational pot, mainly because there’s increasing scientific evidence that the plant may help cancer patients. Some doctors have even suggested cannabis could be a safer substitute for prescription opioids. If you are a new investor willing to take on some risk for a cause, then marijuana stocks could be right up your alley. 


People still buy gold in bullion and bars, but not for the same reason people did in the past. Gold is no longer a currency. It is a hedge against fiat currency. Gold and other precious metals are valued in an inversely proportional manner to the dollar, the default fiat currency. This means that when the value of the dollar remains high, the value of gold is low. But if the dollar dips, the gold prices pick up. There aren’t any positive situations that leave the dollar in low valuations. The dollar is devalued during financial crises, like a depression or, more recently, the 2008 financial recession. In case a situation like the Great Recession occurs once more, gold will protect your wealth when cash assets crash in value. If your investment portfolio is overwhelmed with cash assets, adding gold may not be a bad idea. 

If you are willing to take on a bit more risk, cryptocurrency is also worth considering. You can use the above assets to diversify your existing portfolio. However, complete your risk assessment calculations right before doing so.