In today’s era, life is full of pressures and responsibilities, whether students or adults. The best phase of life is when you are a young child and have no worries about your life, and everything is fun. The best part of that phase, if you can recall, would be when you went on a vacation with family or with your school students. You explore the place and enjoy every minute there because you know you may not be able to revisit the site soon or if you’re able to see, then your mind may be full be other tensions, and you won’t be able to enjoy as much as you could have at that time. Vacations help your mind get relaxed and provide you with the opportunity to experience different things.

Goa is a place where every Indian might have visited or wanted to visit. What comes to one’s mind when someone talks about going to Goa are beaches, coastal areas, etc. and most of which is proper as Goa is primarily famous for its beaches. If you want to enjoy the experience, you must stay in the best resorts in Goa as they provide charming full-fledged views and show the place’s natural beauty. Many holiday packages are available online, including everything from flight tickets to staying in the resorts without worrying. At the same time, you visit the place, and all the time is allotted to enjoy the place’s charm. If you want to go alone, with family or as a couple, I assure you Goa is one of the best places, and no one can contradict this statement. There are quite a lot of reasons to visit Goa and why is Goa one of the best places to travel in India at any time. So, now I will tell you about some of the best places and things that one must experience if he wants to visit Goa:

  • Exotic beaches to visit: Goa is considered the place with the best beaches in India because of its ambience and vibes. You will feel the soothness, and your mind will be relaxed as it may have never experienced before. This is the impact that the beaches of Goa have on your body. You can enjoy the sunbath, and if you have great timing, you may experience the extraordinary view of the sunset from there, which is on a whole other level.

  • Sunburn festival: Sunburn festival is a 3-day event held in Goa, started in 2007 and is a dance and music festival where people from every place die to come. This festival is also called Asia’s largest electronic music festival. Many foreign artists like Hardwell and Avicii are invited, which entertain the crowd, and the festival’s hype is increased to a higher level. If you’re planning for a trip to Goa and want to enjoy the vibe of his festival, then you must visit the place in December as the festival takes place in that month for three days. People book tickets for this festival as soon as they can be reserved as the public is crazy over this festival, and the experience is also worth it.

  • Seafood and nightlife adventures: The food prevalent in Goa is a perfect blend of eastern and western culture. All sorts of food like north Indian is available, but the speciality of Goan cuisine is the seafood here. Fish curry and rice is the staple diet of the residents of Goa. The most commonly eaten variety of fish is Kingfish and is readily available there. Some of the other famous foods there include tiger prawns, lobsters and squid. Goa is full of exotic clubs which are best for enjoying the beauty of nightlife there. The DJ’s, affordable beverages and the ambience make the experience their worth living. You can enjoy every minute you spend, thereby living at the moment and thinking about only the good things in life.

  • Water sports: A vast crowd is towards Goa due to the water activities that can be done there. There is a long stretch of coastline around the area, which provides the places with many beaches. The average cost for water sports is around 1500-5000 based on all activities you want to do, including scuba diving, Jetski, parasailing, etc., as there is a wide variety of sports to choose from. The best time to visit Goa if you want to indulge in the water activities is from mid-September to March, as these sports are not allowed in the monsoon season, so you need to plan your trip accordingly.

  • Flea markets to shop from: For people who love shopping and expect new and different types of products, shopping from flea markets in Goa is perfect for them. You can get everything you want from head to toe. You can get inked there, too, and some of the best tattoo artists have their studios there. Unique varieties of tea, spices, blankets all are available there, and even the foreigners sell their stuff in these markets. Some of the best markets worth visiting include Arjuna market, Le souk, Calangute market square and Saturday night market Arpora.

So, if you want to visit a place and enjoy one of the best lifetime experiences, Goa is one of the options, and I can assure you that you will not get disappointed after visiting the place, and a trip to Goa will always have a special place in your heart. If you want to enjoy the entire travel experience and be tension-free, you should book an online holiday package for Goa. The containers provide you with everything at an affordable price and guide you through everything. These package providers have connections with the best resorts in Goa and provide you with deals that are way better and cheaper than it may cost if you try to book on your own. So, if you want to have a calm and precious experience in Goa, buy a holiday and go tension-free.